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Electronic development and Software development

IoT Technology Development from Sensor to Cloud

pironex GmbH is an expert in developing and distributing electronic solutions. The innovation team develops high-quality devices and components for a wide range of applications, such as healthcare, mobility, industry, research, and smart homes. Using the most cutting-edge IoT technology, we digitalize and network both new advancements as well as existing products. You may find ready-to-use products for software and electronics development here. Customized product development is our passion.

When others aren't getting any further - that's when we are just getting started!

Electronics, Housing and Software

Customised Development

System development is a well-rounded endeavour with pironex. As your end-to-end solution provider, we assist and guide you in the fields of analysis, conception, and product design - from the initial idea through to serial manufacturing. You can be sure to receive the best possible product solution as well as the opportunity to introduce it to the market as an innovation thanks to our technical expertise and experience in the areas of electronics and software development. Our area of expertise lies in networking and digitalization of equipment and vehicles using the most recent radio technology. For industry, e-mobility, healthcare, and measurement technologies, we provide intelligent IoT solutions.

(You can, of course, involve us in other parts of your projects - entirely according to your wishes and current needs).

Project management electronics development

Creating Concepts and Circuit Diagrams

Conception and design of analog and digital circuits taking EMC and ESD guidelines into account

Conception / Circuits

Placing and Unbundling Printed Circuit Boards

PCB layout of single-sided, double-sided, and multilayer boards using the CAD layout software Altium Designer in accordance with EMC standards

Circuit Board Layout

Design / Housing Construction

We develop complete   housing solutions for distinctive products, from the design draft through to the construction of a prototype (mockup)

Housing Construction

Prototype Construction and Assembly Testing

Component procurement, production of sample assemblies, commissioning and functional testing according to the concept and specifications


Embedded Software Development

Programming of embedded electronics in RTOS or Linux development environments in real time and directly on the sensors

Embedded Software

Application and User Software

Customer-specific, project- related software development as a desktop, PC or server application for Windows or Linux

Application Software

Native Apps and Web Applications

Design and development of web-based applications as well as native iOS, Windows and Android apps for customer applications

App / Web Development

Series Production and EOL Testing

Development of test equipment, implementation of product certification, documentation and procurement of components for the volume ramp

Serial EOL Test
Troubleshooting Discontinued Components

Redesigning Existing Assemblies

Market demands for new products, as well as long delivery times or the discontinuance of electrical and passive components, require redesigns or retrofits of both electronics and software.

Existing assemblies are adapted to changing situations by electronics engineers and software developers. Needs-based redesign makes the requirement to develop circuit boards from scratch obsolete. If individual components are no longer available, pironex provides a quick and simple implementation of error-corrected and tested PCB layouts.

In the pironex prototype shop, the newly created assemblies are set up. This means that the printed circuit boards are assembled, put into electrical operation, and tested for the target functions. In the Pironex EMC test facility, the assemblies are pre-tested for interference emissions, interference effects, ESD, burst, and surge effects in conformity with all legal requirements. To ensure the ability to supply assemblies, the electronics development department collaborates closely with the software development and production departments.

Brands and Projects

Ready-to-use Components

IoT Gateways are the Basis of Digital System Solutions

As a solution provider for sensors, control technology and telematics, we provide a wide range of IoT solutions. Innovation and functionality are the top priorities for Linux industrial PCs, edge computers and other key products.

We design modularly, employ durable components consistently, and do EMC and CE product testing as required. As a costumer, you benefit in several ways, not only receiving powerful and reliable hardware but ready-to-use Internet portals and mobile apps as well. Allowing you to access your systems from any location and at any time. Pironex's business concepts include Software as a Service (SaaS) and Hardware as a Service (HaaS). The emphasis lies on the delivery of the products as well as the development of customer-specific applications.

Control / IPC

Industrial PCs - System Control and Operation

Gateways / IoT

Reliable Entry of Measurement Data


System Solutions for Innovative Mobility Concepts

Software / App

Software Solutions (PC Software, Native Apps and Web Apps)

Versatile Technology

Digitization From Industry, Mobility, to Medicin

For many years, electronic IoT systems have been utilized successfully in industry, healthcare, mobility, construction, bus & rail technology and agriculture. Especially in the industry, high-quality solutions from pironex are used for control and regulation units.

Pironex developers focus on the long-term viability of IoT products and applications. The distinctive knowledge as an industrial control provider, in addition to the high quality of the advancements, provides the reliability of the devices and software modules for a seamless operation of industrial systems, controls, or smart home applications.

Get to know the areas of application of the end-to-end IoT solutions and products of pironex: