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Short-range radio
Operating system

IoT Portal Solution


pironex-IoT Cloud / Backend with Standard Frontend (IDIOS) and native Apps (Android/iOS)

Mobility Solution obALu Sharingportal

Fleet software for bicycles, e-bikes, scooters, scooters or car sharing and stations including apps and billing modules

Street-Points - digital scavenger hunt traffic education

Basic platform for managing and controlling the innovative walking and moving game.

Sharing IoT Portal IoT modul

Reservation, administration and billing system as well as load and energy management for rental systems.
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Standalone Software

We develop our own software, which we adapt to specific customer needs. The requirements for software development are becoming more and more stringent. In areas such as medicine, the European legislator, the EU, is responsible for regulating the requirements. We are familiar with the standards, and our approach to developing the software is regulated and planned. The planning is documented by precise. All this in order not to harm the customer and, in the case of medical technology, the patient.

The consistent documentation contains the listed requirements and test cases corresponding to the specifications. This ensures compliance with the requirements of your software. Pironex GmbH has many years of experience in the development of standalone software, also for medical technology intended for the diagnosis, therapy or monitoring of diseases. Our PC software is used, for example, to configure the medical devices and to read out the treatment history by the doctor treating you. With the piCAN software you can receive, filter, send and graphically display CAN messages. The measured values, the available storage space and the battery voltage are displayed with our software. The display formats of the data can be set differently with our software. Reading out the states of the logger and saving the events are among the most important functions of our piCAN software. Due to its intuitive operation, it is the optimal solution for testing and analyzing bus communication.

The bus data is recorded without gaps. These can later be played back for offline analysis.

We support our customers in product lifecycle phases such as risk management, software engineering, usability engineering, testing and rollout. As a user, you are informed how you can optimally use our software.


Customized Software Applications

The introduction of new programs is a process that consists of different stages: from planning through user training to support. We support you with the processes, with the new installation and with the upgrade on the individual computer systems. When switching to new programs or upgrading to the new version, our top priority is the smooth implementation of changes in your company.

A software rollout can also take place in stages. If one employee is still working with the old system, the other employee can familiarize himself with the operation and functionality of the new software.

Our software development team responds to your individual requirements and needs and hands over the software to you ready to use. We are pleased when our customers repeatedly achieve a lasting competitive advantage with our software solution.You can view the realized customer projects here: References.

Portal Solutions

Our portal solutions have a wide range of uses: from sharing systems for light electric vehicles to locating, controlling and maintaining vehicles and machines to a digital scavenger hunt.

More than a Digital Running Game

Based on our development in the areas of hardware, design and software, we developed the product "Street-Points", which not only serves to better motivate people to move. Thanks to the optimal hardware solution and the energy self-sufficient construction, the product can be adapted to various customer needs. The basic platform is used by our customers to organize the digital games and manage the participants. The game operators and users can decide how the players are divided: individually or as teams, whether the players have to register at all or they can only look at their points using the RFID card number in the Street Points portal. The software collects the kilometers run by the players and builds statistics that are interesting for both operators and players. The points and mileage can be viewed both on the "Street Points" device and in our portal.

Reliable Rental System

With the pironex portal, we offer you a fleet operator portal with which the management of your vehicles is as clear and reliable as possible. With the portal, you can remotely query certain parameters of an electric vehicle, such as the battery status. You can also see exactly where each of your e-bikes, e-scooters or e-scooters is located. The query is uncomplicated and intuitive, just like the entire fleet control. The locking of the locks on your vehicles is also done remotely and in real time with our portal. The error messages can be sent to you via email, SMS or push message. The pironex-portal management system with its diverse functions can support both a local rental system and a large project for a metropolitan area. Our portal enables you and your customers to have contemporary mobility experiences: from the reservation and loan to the conclusion and uncomplicated return of a light electric vehicle. You can easily connect external frontends via REST API.

Cost savings through Tracking and Monitoring

We have experience in projects with battery powered tracking solutions. The basic platform pironex-tracking enables you to locate and manage your vehicles, electric vehicles, machines and containers. The movement of your valuable fleet is tracked in real time, sent to the portal and presented to you seamlessly on the map or as a list with coordination data. So you are able to monitor your vehicles live. If you wish, the events you have previously defined (such as reaching location XY) will be reported to you immediately, for example via SMS. Our GPS tracker, piTrack container, is perfectly suited for long periods of energy self-sufficient operation thanks to the built-in energy-saving microcontroller. You can also define the extreme values ​​of the sensor data and thereby trigger the alarm. Additional sensors for measuring the temperature or for opening/closing the doors offer extra protection for your sensitive transports. Responding quickly to problems that occur when temperatures fall below or exceed temperatures can protect you from damage. The alarm is then sent automatically and you decide when and who is informed about the special events.

Location independent control

M2M technology combines the exchange of information with communication technology. Machine-to-machine communication can work best when connected to a controller. A PLC (programmable logic controller) or an IPC (industrial PC) is required to control the systems and machines. You are well equipped with our industrial computers, components from the electromobility sector, modules for solar systems or home automation (smart home solutions). The basic platform pironex-server is a control center, a data logger and an internet portal with many functions in one. This web-based data logger regularly transfers the data to the internet portal. As a user, you can see, control and monitor this machine and system data in real time on your computer, notebook, tablet or smartphone. Pironex-server is ideally suited for remote control and maintenance, both in the case of industrial controls and in private households. The configuration of your equipment, system and machine is location-independent. Our application is complex but easy and intuitive to use. We integrate your wishes regarding configuration, control, remote maintenance and remote monitoring into our web-based solution. For example, you can implement the maintenance management of your machines in the best possible way. Regardless of whether you are pursuing a damage-dependent or preventive maintenance strategy, you can define the critical values ​​in the admin area of ​​pironex-server and thus determine the basis for optimal management of your machines with regard to maintenance, inspection and repair. Unplanned downtime or damage can be avoided with our solution. The machine data can be visualized in our portal so that you can recognize and understand the trends and outliers even better. As a system operator, you will be made aware of any errors that occur, for example by being informed of the fault by e-mail. If necessary, this function can be suppressed in the period you specify. For example, you can deactivate the message in the winter months when snow on the photovoltaic modules prevents energy from being fed in. Our independent, secure and reliable monitoring portal pironex-server is used for intelligent and convenient energy and feed-in management.

We make IoT Networking easy

Our web-based application pironex-iot is perfectly suited for monitoring the autonomous data exchange of networked physical objects such as machines, light electric vehicles or cars. All the objects with microchips, regardless of whether they are about modern mobility, smart home or smart city, send huge amounts of data if the locations and interactions are to be traceable and controllable. We offer you the technology and knowledge required for this with our product, which is used to display and control this data. Our data management system requires no installation and is accessible from anywhere in the world. The backend is easy to use thanks to the clear menu navigation and user interface. Our application works together with the EnergyBus based charging system. In this way, the driving data of your fleet can be read out and analyzed independently of the manufacturer of your networked e-bikes or e-scooters. We are happy to adapt our IoT solution to your needs.

Write your success story with the Bike Sharing 4.0 App

Register, reserve, book, bill and remote maintenance - you will find these and more functions in our Android and iOS app. Our downloadable software is both control software for you as the operator and an access system for customers who will inspire you for e-mobility with your fleet and our app solution. Online administration, control and provision of the latest updates mean better efficiency, comfort and security. With the Bike Sharing 4.0 app you get a reliable charging station and sharing system.