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Medical Technology & Analysis

Miniaturized Gateway Technology

Smart Dosing Aid for Medicines

In our interdisciplinary project teams from a wide variety of engineering disciplines, there is an intensive and regular exchange between designers and developers. The close cooperation results in creative solutions during the product design, which can also be produced cost-effectively in the end.

The ergonomic design and intelligent sensor technology make the dosing aid a functional product. Whether in chemistry, biology or in the household, the combination of smart electronics and an intuitive app makes the dosing aid an all-round product. The dosing aid is operated with the thumb. When the lid is closed, excess amount is wiped off and accurate dosing is ensured. In connection with the app, spoons and tipping processes are recorded, visualized and controlled accordingly.
Targeted quantity recording by counting and recording an actual "spooning process".

Native APP to Control the Dosing Process
Housing design and prototype construction measuring spoon

Case Design

Our employees have developed the design concept with the basic requirements for the product (design, function, ergonomics, etc.). In addition to aesthetic functions, functional requirements for usability, manufacturability and service life were also taken into account. A selection of concepts for the innovative product was created in the form of sketches and renderings.

Construction of the injection molded housing

CAD Construction

Parallel to the design draft, a manufacturing and construction concept was developed. From the component separation to the complete installation space arrangement (package), all design-relevant details (such as circuit board attachment, battery holder or antenna guide) were constructed and specified three-dimensionally in CAD. This resulted in native data sets that could be further processed directly.

Funktionsmodelle der Elektronik und GehÀuse

Functional Models

In the next step, functional models were made that represent the result in a tangible way and create opportunities for form and function testing. Thanks to our in-house 3D printer, we were able to hold the dosing spoon in our hands in just a few hours. The circuit boards fitted in our production department fitted perfectly. The functional software also worked as planned and the connection to the native app could be established.

Design and programming of the user app for Android and iOS

UX UI Design

The native apps for iOS and Android guide the user through the setup and subsequent dosing process. By tilting the spoon and closing the lid, the administered amount is measured. The relevant quantity calculations are carried out in the dosing unit itself and displayed on the screen. The UX UI design process was crucial in this project, as the users are rather inexperienced with smart technology.