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Data Acquisition

Simple Integration and Expandability

Versatile Interfaces for Comprehensive Data Acquisition

The DIN rail IPC has numerous interfaces that enable flexible and comprehensive data acquisition. With Ethernet and USB ports, the IPC can be easily integrated into existing networks to collect data from various sensors and measuring devices. The support for CAN / CANOpen allows connection to industrial communication systems, while wireless data transmission via 2G or LTE is particularly advantageous for mobile applications.

RS232 and RS485 ports are also available for direct connection to industrial peripherals. These interfaces enable the integration of classic measuring devices and control systems, making the top-hat rail IPC a flexible solution for a wide range of measuring tasks.

IPC on DIN rail
Processor module red

Compact, Powerful and Reliable

In modern industrial automation, precise and reliable data acquisition plays a crucial role. The DIN rail IPC, a Linux single-board computer based on the ARM® Cortex™-A8 architecture in a compact DIN rail housing, offers an innovative and versatile solution for this purpose. Its powerful and energy-efficient design makes the IPC ideal for both stationary and mobile data acquisition applications.

IPC on DIN rail

Sustainable and Endurable Platform

The DIN rail IPC is supplied with the Ångström base system as standard, but also supports other Linux distributions with ARMv7 support, such as Debian or Poky. This ensures a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to specific measurement data acquisition requirements. Thanks to the broad support provided by Linux, the IPC is not only sustainable but also future-proof, as it can be regularly supplied with updates and improvements.

DIN rail close-up

Modular System Structure

An outstanding feature of the top-hat rail IPC is its simple integration and expandability. By using a CAN-based DIN rail bus (CH20M DIN rail bus), the cabling of several modules can be greatly simplified. This reduces the cabling effort and increases the reliability of the measurement data acquisition systems. In addition, the modular design of the system enables a simple performance upgrade by replacing the processor module, so that the IPC can be adapted to growing requirements.

Mockup IoT Portal

Edge and Cloud Integration

As an edge gateway, the DIN rail IPC offers the option of processing measurement data directly at the source and analysing it in real time before it is transferred to the cloud. This ability to process data in advance reduces latency times and relieves the burden on centralised data processing. In combination with the pironex IoT cloud and the associated app for iOS and Android, users receive a comprehensive device management tool. This tool offers numerous visualisations and enables efficient monitoring and management of the recorded measurement data.

Consumption Data Acquisition

for Electricity, Water, Heating, Air Conditioning

wM-Bus advantages

A wireless M-Bus gateway transmits up to 500 consumption values from water meters, heat meters and heating cost destributors with an 868 MHz (OMS) wireless interface to downstream systems at low cost. The pironex-IoT portal serves as a data collector and as an evaluation platform for the measured values. All encrypted and decrypted consumption data is made available in the IoT platform. The billing company accesses its data via remote maintenance via download or e-mail.

Data Transmission

The wM-Bus Gateway receives wireless M-Bus protocols, filters them as required, stores them and sends them encrypted to a server. The gateway uses existing networks or a mobile data connection for this purpose. The gateway sends the received and filtered data to the server either immediately, hourly, daily or monthly. External services or billing systems can receive and process the consumption values prepared and decrypted from the pironex-iot.de platform via standard APIs (MQTT, REST, HTTP-Push). Direct integration without this platform is possible.

WB bus gateway compact housing
WM-Bus Data Logger Logo

wM-Bus Communication

The wireless M-Bus (wM-Bus) is the wireless version of the wired M-Bus system (meter-Bus). It is standardized in the European standard EN 13757-4 and is suitable for battery-powered devices. The wireless connections work unidirectional and bidirectional and transmit the data from the sensors to the actuators or the meter readings of smart meters.

smart meters with WM-Bus water and gas

Remotely Readable Collective Meters

The gateway works with all 868 MHz wireless / OMS water meters, heat meters, heating cost allocators from various manufacturers according to:

- wMbus S1 & C1 & T1 mode (868MHz)
- EN 13757-4
- OMS v3 and v4
- Sensus RF (Bubble Up)

From October 25th, 2020, only readable meters and heat cost allocators may be installed!

native app for reading WM-Bus meters

Smart Open Metering System

The Open Metering System (OMS) stands for a cross-manufacturer and cross-sector communication architecture for intelligent meters based on the M-Bus (fieldbus) as part of smart metering. It is the only system definition in the world that integrates all media (electricity, gas, heat and water including submetering) into one system.

WM-Bus portal for storing and displaying WM-Bus data

Online Portal and Native Apps

The gateway, in combination with proven and cost-effective 868 MHz wireless M-Bus meters, is an ideal opportunity to implement the EED directive cost-effectively. pironex supplies the transmission technology from the gateway to the simple download of the consumption data from the pironex-iot.de platform. An app is available for end customers.

Data Platform

For tenant electricity, digital heating systems, and intra-year consumption measurement

Tenant electricity projects benefit from precise consumption data to monitor the energy consumption of individual households and ensure fair billing. With pironex Energy Gateways, you can reliably collect your tenants' consumption data and transmit it securely via a secure channel to the pironex IoT backend. The data is stored in secure databases and visualised through an intuitive dashboard, giving you a clear overview of your tenants' energy consumption.
In digital utility room, the support of pironex Smart Metering enables efficient monitoring and control of energy consumption. Our gateways accurately and securely capture consumption data from heat cost allocators. Through seamless integration into your heating system, you can effectively optimize energy consumption and reduce costs.
In addition, pironex Smart Metering also supports intra-year consumption measurements to track seasonal changes in energy consumption and make informed decisions on energy efficiency. Our solutions offer maximum flexibility and control over your consumption data, enabling you to better manage your energy costs.

Flexible and modular architecture with mobile apps, cloud portal, and client interface

Thanks to our Android and iOS apps, you now have the convenience of accessing your facilities, devices, and machinery from anywhere, regardless of your location. Whether you're connected through mobile networks or on-site via short-range radio communication, you can effortlessly check and manage current operational data at any time and place. Moreover, these apps facilitate Over-the-Air updates, ensuring that system updates are quick and hassle-free.
Our scalable IoT cloud offers an array of device management tools alongside a variety of visualization options. With the central portfolio dashboard, you attain a lucid overview of all your projects and operational data. The system is equipped with usage-based role and permission models to enhance access and control over your data. Moreover, the IoT cloud supports multi-tenant capability, enabling seamless management of multiple projects.
For effortless integration with your existing systems, we provide REST API interfaces and WebSocket functionality. These robust interfaces simplify the processing of gathered data and facilitate seamless content exchange among various modules. Leveraging our API interfaces allows you to seamlessly incorporate your data into current systems, fostering smooth communication across diverse applications. Moreover, WebSocket functionality facilitates real-time data transfer, ensuring swift and dependable communication within your systems.

Gateway with heating cost meter
Housing Gateway Multi-NRG-Gateway


The Multi-NRG-Gateway represents an innovative key component for the digital utility room, functioning as a central gateway system. It is specifically designed to capture a variety of consumption data and sensors, as well as bidirectionally manage systems and control devices. Communication between the Multi-NRG-Gateway and the secure cloud platform is continuously protected to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data.

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Housing Gateway Long Range


The LoRa gateway significantly extends the range of data collection by reading a variety of LoRa sensors over long distances. The LoRa gateway is powered by an external or internal power supply. There are no restrictions on the data collection frequency and its cyclic transmission to the IoT cloud. All transmitted data is encrypted according to the highest security standards to ensure data privacy and security, preserving the integrity of the collected information.

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Housing Gateway wMBus-NRG-Gateway-24V


The wMBus-NRG-Gateway-24V is an advanced solution for metering service providers requiring comprehensive data collection. It is specifi cally designed to capture data from energy and consumption meters at high frequencies. This capability allows for the utilization of the acquired information for direct control of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Especially in conjunction with photovoltaic systems and heat pumps, the wMBus-NRG-Gateway-24V supports innovative concepts such as energy self-sufficient houses or tenant electricity models.

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Housing Gateway wMBus-NRG-Gateway-Batt


The wMBus-NRG-Gateway-Batt represents an energy efficient solution for metering service providers that can be deployed in municipal, industrial, and private sector facilities. The device is characterized by its independence from external power sources and offers maintenance-free operation over many years. The device’s lifespan depends on both the frequency of data access and the capacity of the battery used. This gateway is specifically designed to read consumption sensors within a mesh network.

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