Development Process - Step 4
pironex prototype construction with circuit board

Development and Testing of Prototypes Prototyping

development step 4

Prototypes are produced to check the development concept, the electronic circuit and the created circuit board layout. Therefore, prototyping is another important step. For this purpose, pironex creates prototypes, or more precisely sample assemblies, in the quickest time possible. The A-samples are manufactured as individual copies with manual assembly. In this way, functional device models are built for software development and housing construction in the shortest possible time. With these samples, the basic function of the developed module is developed and tested.

Assembly service providers are already involved in the production of the B samples. For this purpose, pironex relies on proven suppliers who produce the series assemblies after finalization. These EMS service providers assemble a small number of modules in order to provide a sufficient number of modules for the functional software development and the necessary field testing.

Prototype Construction

Making Developments Tangible

At pironex, the sample assemblies are produced quickly and cost-effectively. The assembly of the industrially manufactured printed circuit boards is done manually, which is not only fast but also guarantees accuracy. Subsequently, the assemblies are soldered in a steam phase soldering furnace and thoroughly tested.

The biggest advantage of the manual assembly is the speed, i.e. the reduction of the project duration. The time-consuming and lengthy request from the assembly service provider is no longer necessary. pironex acts immediately and can reduce the times for the development loops.

Assembly in Prototype Construction

The SMD and THT assembly of the prototypes is done either manually or automatically. Devices for paste printing, reflow and vapor phase soldering are used at pironex. The optical inspection of the assemblies is carried out at modern microscope workstations. To ensure smooth production, the purchasing and production departments obtain the required active and passive components from a wide range of distributions and catalogue suppliers. Thanks to our flexible procedures and processes, we can produce sample circuit boards and assemblies, and equip them with THT within a few days.

Flexible Cable Assembly

Regardless of whether standard or customised enclosures are used, all connectors and terminals of the assembly have to be adapted.
In perfect interaction between 3D design with Solid Works and the PCB programme Altium Designer, the design of the PCB shape, connectors and the pin assignment for the connectors is carried out.
Customised enclosures are optimised in terms of production costs and manufacturability. If required, the mechanical design can be carried out for the integration of the electronic assemblies in any installation environment. We work primarily with the 3D CAD system Solid-Works.

Test Equipment and Test Devices

Pironex develops and builds devices and software for functional testing and the EOL test at the producer. The range of functions of the test equipment increases with the complexity of the developed device.

Test development includes a wide variety of test processes:

  • Programming of the assembly controllers
  • Parameterization of the system components
  • Assembly test with needle adapter
  • Interface test with external test adapter
  • Testing of the radio interfaces
  • Boundary-scan test