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Energy Technology & Infrastructure

Battery charging cabinet for outdoor use
Mobile Energy

Battery Changing Machine

WM-Bus gateway for automatic meter reading
wM-Bus Gateways for Smart Metering

Consumption Data Acquisition

Battery Changing Machine

Empty battery in, full battery out.

The idea behind Swobbee exchange stations: Light e-vehicles such as e-cargo bikes or e-scooters use battery packs from the project partners, which can be exchanged for fully charged batteries at the stations at any time of the day. The aim is to address users who have something to transport in urban or rural areas. These are above all companies such as logisticians, delivery services, craftsmen and tradespeople.

Swobbee is more than just a battery changing system. Swobbee is a smart energy management system with a high degree of customization.

Ready for something new?

The open system from Swobbee allows functional extensions and the integration of other battery types. The built-in technology from pironex makes it possible.

Battery changing station swobbee with internet connection
Linux IPX with display for battery changing stations

Control and Operating Unit with Linux

The central control element of the charging cabinet is the piA-SF. This Linux IPC with touch display combines display, access control system, system control and charging management in one. Thanks to the integrated RFID reader, access control takes place quickly and with a high level of security. The graphical user interface of the screen ensures ease of use and intuitive user guidance. The screen is protected against vandalism and is robust.

EnergyBus chargers with CAN-Bus network

Door Control and Charging Technology

The doors are controlled, the charging process is monitored and the batteries are charged using the pironex access technology. It is important to map an optimal energy management for the battery charging station. The communication between the batteries and the chargers takes place via the CAN bus. The CAN / CANopen protocols have been adapted and expanded according to the battery standards. Requirements for high functional safety for charging were programmed on the embedded side.

Greenpack batteries in the changing station

Battery Detection and Security

System openness is an essential component of the Swobbee infrastructure for battery replacement. In principle, any type of battery from micromobility can be integrated into the changing stations. With Kumpan, Okai, Torrot and GreenPack, four batteries from leading manufacturers are already integrated. Numerous e-kickscooters, e-scooters, e-cargo bikes and more can already be operated today. Pironex analyzes and integrates the protocols of the battery manufacturers.

Akkuwechselstation in Berlin mit dem pironex-IOT

Mechanical Functional Construction

Pironex supports the design of the housing parts. The provision of functional wiring diagrams and 3D models of the corresponding components enabled the design colleagues to design and construct different functional battery cabinets. The prototype construction of the systems takes place in close coordination with the designer of the housing shape and the designers of the technical development.

Consumption Data Acquisition

for Electricity, Water, Heating, Air Conditioning

wM-Bus advantages

A wireless M-Bus gateway sends up to 500 consumption values from water meters, heat meters and heat cost allocators with an 868 MHz (OMS) wireless interface to downstream systems at low cost. The pironex-IoT portal serves as a data collector and as an evaluation platform for the measured values. All encrypted and decrypted consumption data is made available in the IoT platform. The billing company accesses its data via download or e-mail via remote maintenance.

Data Transmission

The wM-Bus Gateway receives wireless M-Bus protocols, filters them as required, saves them and sends them encrypted to a server. The gateway uses existing networks or a mobile data connection for this purpose. The gateway sends the received and filtered data to the server either immediately, hourly, daily or monthly. External services or billing systems can receive and process the consumption values prepared and decrypted from the pironex-iot.de platform via standard APIs (MQTT, REST, HTTP-Push). Direct integration without this platform is possible.

WB bus gateway compact housing
WM-Bus Data Logger Logo

wM-Bus Communication

The wireless M-Bus (wM-Bus) is the wireless version of the wired M-Bus system (Meter-Bus). It is standardized in the European standard EN 13757-4 and is suitable for battery-powered devices. The wireless connections work unidirectionally and bidirectionally and transmit the data from the sensors to the actuators or the meter readings from smart meters.

smart meters with WM-Bus water and gas

Remotely Readable Collective Meters

The gateway works with all 868 MHz wireless / OMS water meters, heat meters, heat cost allocators from various manufacturers:

- wMbus S1 & C1 & T1 mode (868MHz)
- EN 13757-4
- OMS v3 and v4
- Sensus RF (Bubble Up)

From October 25th, 2020, only readable meters and heat cost allocators may be installed!

native app for reading WM-Bus meters

Smart Open Metering System

The Open Metering System (OMS) stands for a cross-manufacturer and cross-sector communication architecture for intelligent meters based on the M-Bus (fieldbus) in the context of smart metering. It is the only system definition worldwide that integrates all media (electricity, gas, heat and water including submetering) into one system.

WM-Bus portal for storing and displaying WM-Bus data

Online Portal and Native Apps

The gateway in combination with proven and cost-effective 868 MHz wireless M-Bus meters represents an ideal opportunity to implement the EED directive cost-effectively. Pironex supplies the transmission technology from the gateway to the simple download of the consumption data from the pironex-iot.de platform. An app is available for end customers.