Practical examples with IoT gateways

Reference projects that were developed on the basis of IoT gateways are described below. There are real practical examples from industry, mobility or smart home.

IoT Technology in the Background

What is a Gateway?

The risk of not receiving information and thus making the wrong decisions is great. Therefore, it is important to collect a lot of high-quality information and measured values. The classic way is to install sensors at suitable measurement points. These sensors are optimally wired. In this way, measured variables such as temperature or pressure are converted into electrical signals. The electrical measured variable is digitised and converted into a machine-readable format. Digital measured values ​​are transmitted and networked in special data formats via CAN, RS485 or other serial or parallel communication protocols. These are wired transmission paths. In addition, data is also transmitted to suitable nodes via radio. In these nodes, the measurement data is stored, evaluated and used. The analysis result triggers an action or correction. In other words, the evaluated measurement signal is used. The actuator is controlled centrally or decentrally.

The method described above is common practice in automation technology. So-called gateways play a central role. The principle is as follows:

Gateway Cloud

IoT Technology in the Household

Gateways for Senior Activity Tracking

Do you know if everything is ok with your loved ones? If something is wrong, you will be informed.

The product "ellio" is an alternative to the emergency call bracelet for elderly people who live alone at home. The purpose of ellio, is not to detect a fall or to check vital functions. It is about distinguishing between normal activity in the living environment and unusual situations. In case of deviations from the daily routine due to unexpected circumstances, a relative will be notified by push message on their phone. Such unexpected circumstances can include an accident, illness or even sudden death. Accidents, in particular, occur more frequently from the age of 65. People fall in their own homes and are unable to call for help. The problem is the undetected accident and the dehydration of humans when they cannot drink. Then they can only survive for three days. Relatives of people living alone often worry. They may call every day. This is not an easy situation for either side. The relative has to remember to call every day and the person living alone sometimes feels disturbed or monitored. Ellio has sensors, is easy to install and takes away the worry from the relatives of people living alone.

The product "activity monitor ellio" consists of the basic device with WLAN or LTE and apps for Android and iOS.