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Short-range radio
Operating system

Knob module as double knob cylinder

CX2122 30/35 Clex Private

Knob module as double knob cylinder with RFID-MIFARE, NFC

Knob module as half cylinder

CX2126 40/10 Clex Private

Knob module as half cylinder, cylinder housing and knob with RFID-MIFARE, NFC and BT low energy

Smart Bike Computer

piBike-HMI IoT Modul

Bike computer for rental systems with e-paper display, GPS, 2G, BT 4.0, RFID and sensors

GPS Tracker Cellular

piTrack-IoT data transmission

GPS tracker for mobile and stationary applications (BT 4.0, 2G/LTE, accelerometer, UART)

Smart Bike Lock


Electronic frame lock for rental systems and wheel locks (battery, sensors)

BT Cable Lock

piEasy-Lock BT

Smart BT cable lock for sharing systems and bike security (BT 4.0, battery pack)

Universal Adapter Energybus

piCAN-Bike-Adapter Energybus

Adapter for charging a wide variety of e-bikes, pedelecs, LEV and batteries (EnergyBus system)

Pocket Charger eBike & Stromer


Pocket charger for e-bikes, pedelecs and LEV (EnergyBus compatible)

E-Bike Wallbox

piCAN-Wallbox-Premium Station

EnergyBus wall box for e-bikes, pedelecs and LEV (remote maintenance, locker, RFID, TFT display)

Mobility Solution obALu Sharingportal

Fleet software for bicycles, e-bikes, scooters, scooters or car sharing and stations including apps and billing modules
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