Forward-looking Technologies

Ready to Use Products

Our customers, with the many exciting projects in research, automotive, industry or medicine are what really drives us. Ready-to-use products include industrial PCs, communication gateways, actuators and sensors with and without radio interfaces. A strong focus is on the topic of IoT gateway solutions for a wide range of applications.



Our Linux industrial computers and processor modules are characterised by industrial suitability and their strong robustness.

Maximale Flexibilität


Self-sufficient gateways convince with rapid, expandability and adaptability to specific requirements.



With different on-board sensors, our gateways are also used as sensor nodes. 

Software Solutions

Software Solutions

Intuitive operation and modular structure - from embedded to application software, mobile apps and cloud solutions.

Short-range radio
Operating system

IoT Gateway-II


IoT Gateway (I-EXO) with expansion boards (Bluetooth 5.1, WLAN, GPS, CAN, 2G, LTE NB-IoT/ LTE Cat M1, RFID)

Low Cost Gateway


Low Cost Gateway (I-SIMIO) for many applications (BT 5.0, Wifi, GPS, CAN, 2G, LTE NB-IoT/ LTE Cat M1, Sensors)

Linux Gateway

piSmart-Gateway-3 Linux

Linux and KI (I-NOUS) in small format (BT 5.0, Wifi, GPS, CAN, 2G, LTE NB-IoT/ LTE Cat M1/LTE Cat 1, RFID, Sensors)

Bluetooth IoT Gateway


BT Gateway IoT (I-KONTA) for stationary applications (BT 5.1, accelerometer, Accumulator)

IoT Gateway-I

piSmart-Gateway-I Modul

Gateway for mobile and stationary applications (BT 4.0, CAN, 2G/3G, A-GPS, RFID, sensors)

CAN Data Logger

piCAN-Logger 12V (24V)

CAN data logger for recording CAN / CANopen / EnergyBus messages (SDO / PDO)

Linux Data Logger

piA-Data-Recorder Data Logger

Data Logger Cortex™-A8 (800MHz, 8GB eMMC, CAN, Ethernet, µSD, USB, RS232/485, DC 12-24V, Linux)


piA-AM3354 (2G & 4G)

ARM® Cortex™-A8 IPC in DIN rail housing (CAN, Ethernet, µSD, USB, RS232, RS485, wireless, Linux)

Linux Stations-IPC TFT

piA-SF TFT Linux IPC

Linux panel IPC with industrial interfaces and 10.1" multi-touch display, energy-saving and robust

TFT Terminal Linux

piA-ZE-Terminal TFT RFID

Powerful IPC, which can be used as a terminal for e.g. time and production data acquisition.

Terminal with RFID

piCAN-TFT+ 4G cellular

Terminal system with mobile radio, RFID and 4.3" TFT display for time and data recording and access control

Self-sufficient Terminal

piControl-System E-Paper

Energy self-sufficient RFID terminal system with 2.8" e-paper display, GPS, 2G, Bluetooth 5.1, RFID and battery operation

Processor Module TI ARM IPC

piA-AM335x-PM TI ARM

ARM® Cortex™-A8 processor module as Computer-On-Module (COM) (up to 1GHz, DDR3 256MB, 8GB eMMC, 128Mbit SPI-NOR, DC +5V, Linux)

Developer Dev Kit Linux


Starter kit including processor module (up to 1GHz, DDR3 256MB, CAN, Ethernet, µSD, USB, RS232/485, DC +5V, Linux)

Station Electronics ePaper

piSmart-Station RFID

RFID terminal system with 2.8" e-paper display (RFID 13.56MHz, 2G/3G/LTE, CAN, RS485, Bluetooth LE, Wifi)

PIN PAD for Facilities

piUSB-PIN PAD with lighting

USB PIN Keyboard with LED-lighting for entering numbers in locker systems and access systems

RFID Reader with CAN

piCAN-RFID Station CAN-Bus

RFID (NFC) access system for stations

RFID Antenna

piA-SF-RFID-ANT Antenna

RFID 13.56MHz antenna for user authorization, access control or object detection

Industrial Charger Energybus

piCAN-Charger-60V Outdoor

500W EnergyBus charger for charging stations for e-bikes, pedelecs and LEVs (Input=60V DC, Umax=48V, Imax=10A)

5-fold Charging Multiplexer

piCAN-IBS Energybus Charger

Charging line switch / multiplexer for charging up to 5 vehicles / LEVs with just one charger

IO Controller with CAN

piCAN station 6-fold control

Electronic door opener for fully automatic locker systems and bicycle boxes for up to 6 doors (CAN, IO)

Facility Technology 230V

Technikbox Outdoor IP65

Electronic box for fully automatic locker systems and bicycle boxes (DC power pack, clamping unit)

Smart Bike Computer

piBike-HMI IoT Modul

Bike computer for rental systems with e-paper display, GPS, 2G, BT 4.0, RFID and sensors

GPS Tracker Cellular

piTrack-IoT data transmission

GPS tracker for mobile and stationary applications (Bluetooth 4.0, 2G/LTE, accelerometer, UART)

Smart Bike Lock

piBike-Lock Bluetooth

Electronic frame lock for rental systems and wheel locks (BT4.0, battery, sensors)

BT Cable Lock

piEasy-Lock Bluetooth

smart bluetooth cable lock for sharing systems and bike security (Bluetooth 4.0, battery pack)

Universal Adapter Energybus

piCAN-Bike-Adapter Energybus

Adapter for charging a wide variety of e-bikes, pedelecs, LEV and batteries (EnergyBus system)

Pocket Charger eBike & Stromer

piCAN-Pocket-Charger Bluetooth

Pocket charger for e-bikes, pedelecs and LEV with Bluetooth interface (EnergyBus compatible)

E-Bike Wallbox

piCAN-Wallbox-Premium Station

EnergyBus wall box for e-bikes, pedelecs and LEV (remote maintenance, locker, RFID, TFT display)

VOC Air Quality Traffic Light

AIR GOOD eCO2 Sensor

Device for indoor air quality measurement (VOC, eCO2 sensor) with native app

IoT Game Box

Street-Point Box self-sufficient

RFID terminal system with 2.8" e-paper display (GPS, 2G, Bluetooth 5.1, RFID 13.56MHz, battery operation)

IoT Portal Solution


pironex-IoT Cloud / Backend with Standard Frontend (IDIOS) and native Apps (Android/iOS)

Mobility Solution obALu Sharingportal

Fleet software for bicycles, e-bikes, scooters, scooters or car sharing and stations including apps and billing modules

Street-Points - digital scavenger hunt traffic education

Basic platform for managing and controlling the innovative walking and moving game.