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Development & Research

Medical Technology

There are no ifs, ands, or buts when it comes to a person's health or even life. We develop reliable networked medical devices, e-health systems and ambient assisted living solutions and assist you in meeting all standards, from concept to approval.
Maximum security in electronic applications is a standard expectation for us. There is no other area where safety is more important than in medical science. However, 100% reliability is just one of many qualities that electronics in medical technology possess: The electronics must be highly miniaturized and robust against EMC interference.

Medical Technology

Microcurrent therapy device

Microcurrent therapy device
Development of a direct current stimulation device. The area of application extends from the patient device for individual treatment, to treatment in the inpatient area, to study purposes. The device is based on a 32-bit microcontroller solution and has a dual 60V pulse output, online skin resistance measurement, USB charger for 3.7 lithium polymer batteries, 3.2 inch (approx. 8 cm) TFT display with touch and 5V power supply. PC software is used to configure the stimulation device and to read out a treatment history by the treating doctor or study director.
Medical Technology

Measuring amplifier for Patch-Clamp-Technology

Patch Clamp Technology

The aim of the project was to develop electronics for detecting cell resistance, including measurement- and process technology for a 2-channel patch chip for patch clamping voltage-controlled and ligand-controlled ion channels. The amplifier technology has been expanded with innovative technology for Current Clamp. The level of innovation in the new development of the automated Patch Clamp amplifier system was that, in addition to the pure concept of a patch clamp amplifier, additional communication paths to external electronic components and measurement systems were implemented.

  • - Parallel DSP interface
  • - 4-stage compensation network
  • - Measuring range 1pA/V...100mA/V
  • - Automatic offset correction
  • - Interference voltage compensation that can be switched on via digital potentiometer.
  • - Transimpedance preamplifier with low input quiescent current
  • - 8-pole low-pass Bessel filter for noise reduction
  • - Open CPLD flexibility
  • - Pironex API software support
Medical Technology

Medical therapy device to reduce snoring

A product intended for inpatient use to alleviate position-related snoring was designed and implemented in the form of a functional model. The essential components of the solution are a control system and a remote control. The control system contains electronic and pneumatic components. The task of controlling the system is managed by a microcontroller.


  • - 32-bit Atmel AT32UC3A3256 microcontroller
  • - Digital I²C pressure sensors
  • - Infrared receiver for the remote control
  • - 4-bit µSD card
  • - JTAG – interface for programming and debugging
  • - Mini USB interface (device)
  • - Temperature measurement
Medical Technology

Light curtain for medical laboratory equipment

Light curtain for laboratory equipment

A device family in the medical field required an optical light curtain that could be scaled as required (transmitter: beam angle 3%, emission wavelength 850 nm, receiver: phototransistors). This is attached to the device's open front. Moving parts inside the gadget are turned off as soon as the user reaches into it. This mechanism serves as a convenience and safety function, since the distance between the curtain and moving parts is very small, and the machine can be stopped fast enough.

Medical Technology

Dual processor system for dialysis machines

The aim of developing a dual processor system was to create new control and monitoring electronics for modern generations of dialysis machines. Throughout the project, a dual processor system with a PC interface and a distributor board was created, as were IIC, CAN, and USB interfaces, and various sensors and actuators.

Tracking Systems

pironex develops customer-specific GPS / mobile tracking systems for mobile localization, data acquisition and stationary data recording. At the same time, standard functions such as real-time object location or route recording are implemented. The stored data is visualized in real time using iOS or Android apps or transferred to external backend systems via a wide variety of interfaces. Data exchange takes place via adaptively adaptable REST APIs.

The GPS / GSM / GPRS gateways, data trackers and data loggers have CAN, LIN, RS485 and various analogue and digital interfaces. In addition to the hardware, pironex GmbH develops and provides a basic platform for locating and managing vehicles, light vehicles (pedelecs), commercial vehicles, containers and other objects.

Tracking Systems

Mini GPS-Tracker with Bluetooth

GPS Tracker with Bluetooth

GPS data tracker for mobile applications designed for use on pedelecs, e-bikes, bicycles, or even scooters. Mobile and stationary applications include anti-theft protection, access control, data logging, and vehicle administration as part of public rental systems. The trackers ensure the real-time transmission of position data from bicycles / LEVs via the mobile or local area network.

The miniaturized and energy-saving electronics are integrated into the LEV and have Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, allowing control (e.g. switching the alarm on/off) via associated mobile phone app. In the event of an event (e.g. theft), the module sends alarm messages as well as the current location data of the monitored object. The data sent is temporarily stored on a server and can be called up at any time via mobile apps or via the web browser.

  • - GPS position tracking (continuous or event-driven)
  • - GSM module 2G/3G/4G
  • - External GSM/GPRS antenna
  • - 2 TTL input / output
  • - Power supply 5-48V
  • - Optional battery operation (3.6V)
  • - Integrated temperature controlled charger
Tracking Systems

Container Tracking and Construction Machinery

Container tracker also for construction machines

The battery-powered tracking solutions for locating containers and construction machinery are used to determine the position using GPS and to transmit the position data via GSM/GPRS/SMS. The integrated, energy-saving microcontroller enables an extremely long, self-sufficient operating time in battery operation.

With an integrated acceleration sensor, changes in the location of the system to be monitored can be detected, evaluated and logged. Additional sensors make it possible to monitor access (opening sensor) or the temperature of the containers, among other things.

  • - GSM/GPRS/GPS module
  • - Battery operation
  • - Integrated lithium battery charger
  • - Battery monitoring
  • - 3 axis accelerometer
  • - 2 status LEDs
  • - 2 button connectors
  • - Signal buzzer
  • - Integrated GPS/GSM antenna
  • - IP65 housing
Tracking Systems

Car / Truck tracker with 2 CAN-Bus interfaces

In this project, a GPS system for trucks was developed. The focus was not only on capturing the GPS position data, but also on capturing and analysing the CAN messages from the vehicle:

  • - 2 CAN bus interfaces
  • - Data exchange via a GPRS channel
  • - GPS coordinate determination GNNS module
  • - Supply via 12...24V on-board voltage
  • - Odometry and IO signal interface

Measurement Data Acquisition

The CAN, CANopen and EnergyBus data loggers developed by pironex are designed for reliable acquisition and storage of measurement data. From the simple reading configuration to the configurable storage, data reduction to the transmission of the data to higher-level systems, the measurement data loggers meet all the requirements.

Measurement Data Acquisition

Data logger for commercial vehicles

Data logger for commercial vehicles

The CAN, CANopen and EnergyBus data loggers from pironex GmbH are designed for reliable acquisition and storage of measurement data. The loggers meet all requirements, from simple reading configuration to configurable storage, data reduction to data transmission to higher-level systems.

Measurement Data Acquisition

Data logger for household appliances

Performance data is recorded via a measuring module that is fully integrated into the machine.

  • - Smart meters for 230V and 110V
  • - Permanent collection of consumption data
  • - Data storage:
    • Current time
    • RMS current over time
    • RMS voltage over time
    • Active power over time
    • Operating condition
  • - Extensive evaluation software
Tracking Systems

Connected Bike – Data Collection and Transmission

According to customer requirements, we equip vehicles such as bicycles with intelligent networked systems. Miniaturized electronics are integrated into the vehicle and read out or controlled via mobile smartphone apps or web systems. In this way, parameters of the drive can be set directly or the operating parameters of the battery can be read out and visualized.

Assistance functions of modern e-bikes are based on networked on-board computers from pironex.

  • - Supply voltage: 6.5-55V DC / dynamo voltage 6V
  • - Battery: internal rechargeable backup battery
  • - Cooling: passive and fanless cooling
  • - Antenna: internal or external GSM/GPS antenna (optional)
  • - Temperature range: -10 to +60°C
  • - CAN bus
  • - LIN masters/slaves
  • - 4.1 Bluetooth Low Energy

Train Technology

Technology for buses and trains is demanding. Special measures with regard to operating conditions and environmental compatibility are required here. We take this into account by optimizing the electronics and software for susceptibility to disturbances. The interfaces in the vehicle systems are designed with double security and high EMC compatibility.

Train Technology

LED display for traffic technology

Display technology for Trains

Redesign of an LED car display as part of the procurement of spare parts for the railway. This development project was handed over completely with the following properties: 9216 pixels, robust controller interface, certified for buses and trains, background suppression. - Scoreboard for bus and train certified according to ISO

Train Technology

Fan control for the mobility and transportation industry

According to the client's specifications, the BR221 assemblies were developed, and the components required for the demo setup were supplied. According to the agreements, the solutions had the following properties: microcontroller solution, USB interface, LED control (dimmable), resistive slider interface, 4-channel stepper motor interface, 5V power supply.
Train Technology

Embedded PC for Buses and Trains

The advanced data recorder is an in-vehicle computer based on the Cortex™-A8 ARM® 32-bit RISC architecture, with diverse peripheral and industrial interface support as well as efficient use of space.

  • - IBIS data bus
  • - 2 x 10/100Mbps Ethernet
  • - microSD/microSDHC memory card
  • - USB 2.0, USB micro (slave) for service purposes
  • - RS485 ±25V RX / ±5V TX
  • - CAN 2 x CAN transceivers
  • - Quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, GPRS, GPS, GPS
  • - SMA socket, GSM: FMA plug
  • - WLAN/BT4+LE, 802.11b/g/n compliant
  • - Bluetooth v4.0
  • - Antenna connection HF connector SMA
  • - Digital IOs

In addition to the location data, the data recorder captures essential operating and maintenance parameters while driving. This data is analyzed and transmitted to the background system via mobile communications.

Train Technology

Automatic people and passenger counting system

passenger counting system

The objective was to implement sensor image electronics. An electronic module was developed according to the product specification and the necessary FPGA and PC software was developed. Reliable information on passenger numbers and traffic network utilization are necessary for planning mobility in cities.

The following work steps were carried out as part of the development process: Functional definition of the assembly; component selection; development of circuit technology; unbundling of the layout hardware; organization and supervision of the assembly; troubleshooting hardware; adaptation of the FPGA software; new development of FPGA software; development of the PC control and readout software.