Development Process - Step 6
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Application Software Windows und Linux

development step 6

No hardware without application software. Pironex supports customers in the development of software for a variety of products and solutions. Whether it is a question of device drivers or applications for modern PC systems, image processing or other applications in computer-aided measurement and automation technology, the areas of hardware and software department have in-depth knowledge and enjoy taking on new challenges.

If specific hardware is used on a certain platform, pironex will build the corresponding driver for Windows or Linux platforms. The software development department supports the adaptation of old drivers for Windows and Linux operating systems.

Windows Desktop Applications

Based on standard solutions, the developers at pironex create customer-specific applications and special solutions for every need. Next to hardware development, the programming of platform-independent and cross-system embedded as well as PC-software is the core business of pironex as a development service provider.
The know-how in customer-specific hardware development flows directly into a quick and efficient software development process for the development project.
Parallel development of electronics and software is extremely effective to achieve fast and cost-effective product developments.


Linux Applications

For product and customer-specific developments, C/C++ with QT embedded are mainly used, both for graphical and pure terminal applications. QT embedded is the official port of the QT library to embedded systems, with additional features for directly addressing displays via the frame buffer without an X server.

QT is used in particular for its flexibility and, above all, portability. This allows us to run the same code base on both IPCs and traditional PCs.

Server Solutions

Server applications are backend solutions or background programmes that provide databases and communication interfaces. This is where modern frontends access structured backends. While the backend forms the technical system of a website with its content, defined applications and the administration of a specific software, the frontend is the presentation layer. It is the part of the software application that can be seen and operated by the user.

In many cases, a modern front end is required for the development of a web solution. Pironex offers all the skills needed for the implementation of server applications from a single source.

Scope of Development for Backend Applications:

  • Conception of operational infrastructure
  • Conception of expandable software architectures for web applications
  • Development of high-performance and stable web applications
  • Connection of web applications to existing systems
  • Conception and implementation of intuitive interactive designs
  • Development of websites with responsive designs
  • Platforms for customer dialogue
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