Development Process - Step 7
native App development for Android and iOS

Native App Development Android and iOS

development step 7

The state-of-the-art interface between people and the device or for controlling is the mobile device / mobile phone. The provided communication path via WI-FI or BT brings innovations to many applications in the fields of industry, research, automotive and medical sectors.

For access to system settings and process data with a mobile device, the programmers develop specific iOS, Android or desktop programmes for the customer. Pironex combines design, function and application and supports the certification of apps and their marketing.
All necessary steps that are crucial for the publication of the developed apps in the Android or Microsoft store are taken.

Software Developer Services for Native Apps

Design & Concept - App Development - Consulting & Support

Pironex's development team, as an expert in app development for Android and iOS, ensures the data security, efficiency, and robustness of customer-specific software. When developing a product from idea to implementation to market launch, open, transparent, and effective collaboration is required. pironex develops modern mobile apps whilst also using the latest development tools.

In many cases, the development of native apps for Android or iOS also requires the creation of a modern UX design. We offer all the necessary skills that you need to implement your applications from a single source.

Scope of services:

  • Development of functional processes
  • Draft, design and user guidance of the native apps
  • Programming of the app
  • UX and functional testing
  • Mobile access and registration system
Native Apps for Android and iOS

Broad Range of Functions for Native Apps

Android and iOS are among the leading mobile operating systems in the world and thereby the most popular platforms for professional developers such as the software developers at Pironex. Our software development department specialises in the implementation of mobile solutions for company-internal process optimisation and B2B customer services in various specialist departments.

In the development of native apps for industrial and end-user applications, we utilize a wide range of tools and techniques.

Functional Properties of Native Applications

Location Independent

IoT applications, for example, require Android or iOS solutions for remote management, monitoring, and surveillance of industrial systems, smart devices, or electric vehicles such as e-scooters, e-bikes, or electric scooters. The native apps developed by Pironex's app developers can be used to access current operating data or parameters of devices and units regardless of the user's location.

Reliable Features and Notifications

Status messages from monitored devices can be received and checked using applications on smartphones or tablets running Android or iOS. Users are notified of problems with the tools or systems via alerts. The operator decides independently whether they want to be notified of problems by the app via push notification, SMS message or phone call.

User Friendly Design and User Guidance

Different profiles and user responsibilities are now common requests for applications. Pironex accommodates client requests for product presentation or information, operating instructions, and spare parts. Regardless of whether the client gives an idea, sketch, finished concept, or even a prototype of your native application, we start with you. The developers match the intended functions to the platforms' technical capabilities.

Your App Project Start, App-Certification and GDPR

If our customers rely on Android or iOS in their business strategy because of their large reach, the project managers at pironex help to develop, certify and launch the native apps. We are supporting you, from the concept stage of the app through to the launch in stores. You have the app concept, we will make the architecture of your app compliant with GDPR.