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Cargo bike sharing for Rostock
Cargo bike sharing

Climate-friendly Cities

small charger for e-bikes and Stromer
Smart Charger

BT and Intelligence

B&R storage facility in Hamburg
Storage Facilities

Digital Access Concepts

Climate-friendly Cities

Cargo Bike Sharing for Rostock

Bakfiets cargo bikes were equipped with smart pironex piBike-Lock locks and piBike-HMI on-board computers to allow fast and easy access to the bikes. The bikes are positioned and made available to users based on location. The booking the bikes, opening of locks and their return are all managed via the obALu sharing platform and the native apps obALu. The web-based portal maps all cargo bike sharing processes in a clear and intuitive way.

The sharing system has demonstrated that providing cargo bikes without an electric propulsion results in a very positive cost-benefit balance. The non-electric bikes are used in a climate-neutral manner in order to avoid using the car as an alternative means of transport. The family-friendly everyday bike convinces with its typical Dutch bike seating position. In this way, children, groceries and various loads can be transported comfortably.

Sign Up and Drive Off

By combining an intelligent smart bike lock, on-board computer with HMI, web platform and the native bike sharing apps for Android and iOS, sharing projects can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. The obALu mobility system offers the entire technological basis for successful sharing projects www.obalu.eu.

Cargo bike with smart BT bike lock
BT smart lock with chain

Smart Bike Lock

The frame lock is equipped with BT LE, battery and charging interface. The integrated lithium battery is charged during operation via the bicycle dynamo and ensures maintenance-free operation of the bicycle lock in sharing mode. The smart bicycle lock communicates via BT with the user's Android or iOS app. As soon as the rental procedure begins, the mobile device becomes the key, enabling the lock to be automatically unlocked.

Bike computer with ePaper display

Bike Computer with GPS

The rental process can also be initiated immediately on the bike as an alternative to using a mobile device. The interaction is carried out on a graphical e-paper monitor. The benefit of E-Paper technology is that the display consumes no energy and continues to be read in direct sunlight.
The HMI includes an RFID reader, a GPS tracking system, mobile communications to the mobility platform, CAN bus data interfaces, and BT Low Energy. The RFID device allows the user's card to unlock the bike.

Logo HRO-Bike Rostock

Mobility Solution HRO-BIKE

The sharing offer of the Hanseatic City of Rostock "HRO-BIKE" is a brand of the sharing mobility solution obALu. The sharing program background system is an innovative management tool for sharing providers. It monitors the fleet of vehicles and stations and serves as a multi-client booking, administration, and invoicing system. More information can be found at: www.hro-bike.de.

Sharing APP obalu for rental

Native Sharing Apps Android / iOS

The bike sharing app obALu is available to users under the sharing name HRO-Bike. The UX design of the apps for Android and iOS is focused on useability and speed. Users are guided intuitively through each step of the reading process and can monitor and manage all relevant processes online at any time. Registration processes, payment settings and movement profiles are all subject to data protection and are handled accordingly.

BT and Intelligence

We Digitize the World

"We digitize the world" is our motto. As a result, we incorporate innovative IoT technology into everyday objects. This makes it easier, more innovative and more helpful to use. The charger is an example of how pironex ideas flow into products for the end consumer market.

Charge on the Go

The idea behind the Pocket Charger product is the reality that current e-bikes have a large battery capacity. Usually the bikes are only charged every 50 - 70 km. Charging takes place where you stay the night. At home or sometimes at a hotel. Then you should have the portable charger with you.

Stromer charger for on the go
CANopen Energybus Charger

Case Design

The charger is light and handy. It can be matched to the charging system of almost any e-bike. In this application, the charging management was adapted to Stromer bikes. If charging is necessary on the go, the pocket charger is used. The special feature is the BT interface, which can be used to monitor the charging process.

Logo Energybus organization


EnergyBus Association is committed to an open standard for all electrical components of LEVs and other stationary energy management systems. This means that the chargers, which are based on the EnergyBus protocol, read out the corresponding charging voltage and charging current of the battery via the CAN bus and only then start charging.

E-Bike EnergyBus plug for on the go

Magnet Connector

These "Rosenberger" connectors ensure a fast and reliable magnetic connection and are suitable for both data communication and power transmission.

Custom development of chargers


When the buyer unpacks the charger, complete packaging guarantees a positive first user experience. pironex creates the packaging design, the inlay and the graphic presentation of the product. The manuals and user instructions were created in several languages in compliance with the law.

Digital Access Concepts

Door Control

The answer to "Park and Ride" for bicycles: Bike and Ride. Secure rental parking spaces are offered for people who cycle to the train station so that they can then switch to the train service.

Idea: Locker systems with integrated loading and storage functions. In this way, electric bicycles or smartphones can be charged and additional luggage, such as a bicycle helmet, can be securely locked.

The gate to the rented parking space and the lockers are opened using an RFID user card and/or PIN entry.

Our User Group

The station is always online to receive important updates, update user data or check station utilization remotely. Management is conveniently carried out via its own online platform (pironex-iot.de), where users, vehicles, locations as well as bookings and reservations can be managed.

Lockers with RFID access
PIN solution for lockers and collection systems

Access via PIN

As a stand-alone device, the piCAN-PIN enables convenient control of the electronic door opener.
For greater security, the keyboard can be combined with other products (such as piCAN-RFID, piCAN-Terminal or piCAN-TFT) so that both a code and an RFID card are required to open it.

RFID card solution for lockers and collective parking facilities

Access via RFID Card

User cards with RFID technology can be distributed to specific user groups or registered users and conveniently managed in the backend.
If you lose your card, you can block access and assign the user a new card.

Lockers for charging bicycle batteries

Charging Options

According to current trends, parking facilities should offer different charging options.
On the one hand, they should be equipped with traditional 230V sockets to enable charging of mobile devices and e-bikes with their own charger. On the other hand, permanently installed wall boxes should make it possible to charge different vehicle types.

Abstellanlage Hamburg en

Door Control (Up to 6 Doors)

Control unit for automatic door opening of up to 6 doors in locker systems and bicycle boxes. piCAN-Station is an EnergyBus-capable input/output module and switches connected devices (e.g. electronic door openers). It reads signals via TTL input.
External sensors are connected via the NPN/PNP input.
It serves as an IO interface for automatic doors. It detects improperly closed doors and registers unauthorized access to systems.



Connected Mobility in DĂŒsseldorf

DĂŒsseldorf initiates the mobility turnaround and offers climate-friendly mobility stations. The electronics in the parking facilities, the logic for the access system, the background system and a white label app are provided by pironex.

Furthermore, the municipal company Connected Mobility DĂŒsseldorf GmbH ("CMD") commissioned pironex to adapt and expand the background system. The implementation takes place in close consultation with those responsible for the new urban mobility in DĂŒsseldorf.

Parking facility for bicycles with access technology
Electronic door opener for automatic doors and gates

Door Opener

The piCAN station opens up to six doors and can also be used for locker systems.

Outdoor keyboard for parking facilities


The robust numeric code pad with LED lighting protects against vandalism and weather.

RFID terminal with Linux for parking facilities and lockers

Terminal with RFID

The easy-to-integrate piCAN TFT with 4G mobile communications for access control.

230V connection box for storage systems

Electronics Box

Polycarbonate housing with variable installation height.