Device Testing

EMC Laboratory for Pre-compliance Measurements


We have our own EMC laboratory for pre-compliance measurements during development. This enables us to check if the developed electronics for the customer are compliant with EMC guidelines.

The electronics and software development team is particularly proud of their own GTEM cell, which allows for testing of the electromagnetic tolernace of the developed electronics in a single, controlled and shielded environment. Radiated and general interference from the assemblies are checked for threshold values. In addition, pironex has even more state-of-the-art technology. The pironex EMC laboratory is excellently equipped with an RF generator, coupling tongs, ESD simulator, EMI test receiver and burst/surge generator.  With our in-house EMC laboratory equipment, we are able to create various test scenarios in order to test and measure the electromagnetic tolerance of the electronics.

In this way, we save time and money for our customers, by enabling them to complete development projects within the planned budget and time frame.

In-House EMC Laboratory

The pironex development team has further expanded its possibilities!

It is possible to carry out EMC tests quickly and effectively in our own in-house EMC laboratory. Even the A-sample can be easily checked for anomalies in the fields of interference radiation, interference sensitivity, surge, burst and ESD interference sensitivity.

With the development-accompanying EMC tests, the electronics development has the opportunity to identify and eliminate weaknesses in the hardware design and the embedded software in time before the customer receives any unnecessary costs and delays in the development cycle.

EMC Pre-Testing for CE Certification in the Laboratory

The following tests can be undertaken by pironex:

  • Emission measurement in GTEM-cell, pre-compliance up to 3GHz, maximum test sample size: 0.41 x 0.38 x 0.31 m
  • Immunity measurement in GTEM-cell, pre-compliance up to 1 GHz, maximum specimen size for a uniform field 0.167 x 0.167 x 0.167 m
  • Immunity measurement with coupling clamp, possible depending on interface
  • ESD test up to 16 kV, theoretical full compliance
  • Burst test on supply lines and shielded data lines, pre compliance
  • Surge test on supply lines and shielded data lines, pre compliance

On request, we can prepare the approval test at the external EMC laboratory and accompany the test on site:

  • Burst test of immunity against fast transient electrical disturbances
  • Line borne interference emission
  • Electrostatic discharge immunity test
  • Surge testing of immunity to surge voltages
  • Conducted disturbances induced by HF fields
  • Test of immunity to voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage fluctuations
  • Enclosure/housing interference radiation