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Device and System Development

The design of electronics and software requires establishing a solid foundation from the start. Based on a requirements specification, the engineers create a comprehensive technical concept paper. In consultation with you as the customer, the specifications are then finalised. The development of the enclosure, electronics, and software covers all sub-areas required to bring innovative devices or functions to market. All development departments on the customer side and on the pironex side work together in close coordination towards the development goal.

We assist and guide you in the fields of analysis, conception, and product design - from the initial idea through to serial manufacturing. Pironex's technical expertise and experience ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your needs.

(You can, of course, involve us in other parts of your projects - entirely according to your wishes and current needs.)

Development of electronics and software


Conception and brainstorming as the basis of the specifications for the development of devices and assemblies

Conception / Specifications


Design and simulation of analogue and digital circuits in accordance with EMC and ESD guidelines

Circuit Development

PCB Circuit boards

Routing multilayer boards (placement and routing) using Altium Designer for the PCB device


Housing Design

Design draft, prototype construction (mockup) and tool construction are the phases of housing development

Design / Construction


Production of the sample assemblies, commissioning and testing in accordance with the specifications


Embedded Software

Hardware-related programming of RTOS microcontrollers and embedded Linux system development

Embedded Software

Application Software

Development of customer-specific desktop/PC software or server application for Windows or Linux

Application Software

App Development

Conception, UX design and programming of web-based applications and native apps for Android and iOS

App Development

Series Production

Production preparation, documentation, certification and construction of test equipment for series production

Series Production
We Accompany You

From the Start Through to the Success

We develop holistically, from the creation of circuit diagrams through to series production.

You can, of course, involve pironex in other parts of your projects – entirely according your wishes are and your current needs. The capacities of the development departments are often subject to fluctuations. The development engineers of pironex perform as an extended workbench in the area of customer-specific development of hardware and software in a flexible and cost-effective manner.

The customer benefits from the projects being carried out immediately, with no training periods for new employees in the areas of software, electronics, and housing development.