Development Process - Step 8
pironex datalogger test

Series Production EOL test

development step 8

Following the successful completion of the device development, pironex organises the manufacture of products according to the results in the overall development. In cooperation with a wide variety of partners, we produce small and large runs with high-quality automatic assembly and automated cable confection.

The EMS service providers are selected in accordance to the requirements and accompanied during the manufacturing. As part of production there is close coordination in the offer phase, purchasing, production and assembly tests.

Field Test

The successful development of a device is confirmed by an intensive field test. The development results are checked and tested under real conditions. The checks take place in the natural environment, unlike laboratory experiments that are carried out under artificial conditions. This ensures that any physical or technical defects can be remedied before the market launch.

If errors are identified in the assembly or in the functional software, they can be corrected before the product is released. Especially during the product launch phase, it is important to act and react quickly to arising problems and market changes.

Support / Series Support

Selling innovative products successfully means being in direct contact with customers and incorporating the market demands into developments.

The project management is carried out in accordance with the organisation of our customers. pironex generally follows the usual procedure.

The Product Life Cycle Comprises Various, Separately Defined Phases:

  • Project definition (context, project participants, teams, anatomy, resources)
  • Product definition (vision, requirement, specification, functional specification, design)
  • Planning (Implementation planning work, work packages, iterations, milestones, project planning, resources, time, budget)
  • Risk management (classification, effects/impacts, probabilities, measures)
  • Project tracking, project controlling (target/actual comparison, feedback)
  • Requirements, change management
  • Reporting, presentations
  • Moderation, team leadership

The pironex team accompanies your product through all phases of its life cycle and supports you with documentation, configuration and product maintenance.