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Short-range radio
Operating system

Flexible IoT Gateway


IoT Gateway (I-EXO) with expansion boards (WiFi, GPS, CAN, 2G, LTE NB-IoT/ LTE Cat M1, RFID)

Low Energy Gateway


Low Energy Gateway for many applications (WLAN, GPS, CAN, sensors)

Dual CAN Gateway

piSmart-Gateway LC 2

Low cost gateway for many applications (WiFi, CAN, 2G, LTE Cat-1, sensors)

Low Cost Gateway


Low Cost Gateway (I-SIMIO) for many applications (WiFi, GPS, CAN, 2G, LTE NB-IoT/ LTE Cat M1, Sensors)

Linux Gateway

piSmart-Gateway-3 Linux

Linux and KI (I-NOUS) in small format (WiFi, GPS, CAN, 2G, LTE NB-IoT/ LTE Cat M1/LTE Cat 1, RFID, Sensors)

Basic Gateway

piSmart-Gateway-I Modul

Gateway for mobile and stationary applications (CAN, 2G/3G, A-GPS, RFID, sensors)

CAN Data Logger

piCAN-Logger 12V (24V)

CAN data logger for recording CAN / CANopen / EnergyBus messages (SDO / PDO)

Linux Data Logger

piA-Data-Recorder Data Logger

Data Logger Cortex™-A8 (800MHz, 8GB eMMC, CAN, Ethernet, µSD, USB, RS232/485, DC 12-24V, Linux)

IoT Portal Solution


pironex-IoT Cloud / Backend with Standard Frontend (IDIOS) and native Apps (Android/iOS)
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Smart industrial IoT Gateways / Telemetry Module

The gateways and telemetry modules are electronic devices that are used to exchange data between systems and nodes. Different transport and communication protocols are used. A gateway's interpretive capability links non-compliant networks together. A gateway can convert the information from one device or service into the services of another device.


industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 Solutions

A central importance of a gateway from pironex is the realization of the goals of the industrial IoT projects and the Industry 4.0 concepts. The Internet of Things is connected to cloud services thanks to our gateways in the industrial environments.


simple connection through various interfaces

With CAN, LIN, BT, RFID or LoRaWAN interfaces, the pironex IoT gateway forms a stable and reliable element of your system architecture.



Optimized access mechanisms to the databases and electronics are provided by an extended API command set.


Search, Monitor and Analyze the Data

Industrial processes can be monitored, analyzed and thereby improved by pironex using smart IoT gateways. Analyzing the data can give decision makers a basis to better plan capacity, streamline automation and improve system security. All this out of concern for consistently high product quality and increasing machine availability. With the IoT gateways from pironex, you identify your optimization potential in production and network your systems and machines cost-efficiently.


Prevention of failures through early anomaly detection

Thanks to the collected performance values, monitoring and early detection of problems in your production or industrial plant are quickly possible. Problems are recognized immediately and suggestions for improving the system's efficiency and safety can be implemented immediately.


encrypted communication and remote diagnosis

Industry standards are used between the gateway and the IoT platform thanks to TLS encryption via HTTPS. The Internet connection to the IoT platform is via LAN, WLAN or mobile communications (GPRS, 3G, LTE NB, LTE CAT M1). Location-independent control, remote diagnosis and troubleshooting, but also fleet management or tracking are possible.


IP Protection Class

We also develop industrial IoT gateways for you in a housing with protection class IP67. This allows the IoT gateways to perform their function under various weather conditions.


intelligent redundancy concept

Redundancy can increase the reliability of a system to a maximum.


industrial Sensors

The sensors form an interface between the analog and the digital world. Typical industrial sensors include: inclination and acceleration sensors, optoelectronic sensors and fieldbus modules. Most sensors are connected to the IoT gateway with cables. The wireless sensors offer advantages because they can be used in closed environments such as pipelines.


user-friendly with a display

The installation of a display in the housing of an IoT gateway is one of our standard solutions and offers the user an additional communication path with the smart IoT gateway.

Areas of Application

The areas of application of the IoT gateways range from connected bike applications such as sharing points for light electric vehicles to warehouse management and time recording systems. Even a digital educational offer, the implementation of a digital running dictation, is possible with our product, the "Street-Points". We started projects in Munich, Vienna and Rostock, in which our IoT gateway, the "Street-Points", represents a main part of a digital scavenger hunt in the cities.


Other Areas of Application

  • Monitoring and control of machines, production and logistics
  • warehouse management
  • product tracking
  • location
  • time recording systems
  • access management
  • fleet management
  • sports management
  • construction industry
  • tourism
  • schooling