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pironex-portal.de IoT modul

Sharing IoT Portal

Reservation, administration and billing system as well as load and energy management for rental systems.

Sharing 4.0 for bikesharing, scootershaaring, carsharing and E-Bike rental.



pironex-portal.de is a modern solution for an intelligent management of charging stations and bike sharing systems. The webbased portal can be used around the clock and access to relevant data and information of your facilities. A native app for iOS and Android is also available for quick access on your mobile device. The status of the charging stations, bikes and utilization can be monitored from anywhere in the world and any necessary changes or updates can be made.

With the Software you can assign, mangage and lock Permissions. You can also manage your bookings, controll your functions and monitor the status of your system doors.

The modular software solution impresses with open interfaces, clear menu navigation and easy handling. The portal supports different protocols and interfaces, such as the EnergyBus protocol. In this way, billing, monitoring or energy management systems can be easily connected.

Our solution is a web-based software solution, which means that no installation is required on the customer side. The clearly structured and clear user interface is quick and intuitive to use.

Rental stations and bicycles can be easily found via an app and rides can be spontaneously booked or reserved.

What is special?

  • incl. App
  • multifunctional
  • customer-specific adjustment possible

Areas of application

  • data collection
  • remote diagnoses
  • device control
  • geofence
  • localization
  • OTA Update
  • monitoring
  • Sharing


  • display
  • Operation
  • Identification
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