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piCAN-Wallbox-Premium Station

E-Bike Wallbox

EnergyBus wall box for e-bikes, pedelecs and LEV (remote maintenance, locker, RFID, TFT display)

EnergyBus / CAN Wallbox for pedelecs and LEVs enables variable setting of charging current and charging voltage.

System solutions:


The Energybus Standard 2.0 was integrated as the central charging interface. E-bikes that are not EnergyBus-compliant are either charged via an adapter or the wall boxes are preset to a charging voltage that depends on the e-bike type in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

Several wall boxes can be networked to form a system group and configured using central administration software www.obalu.eu.

An electronic key compartment allows you to deposit a bicycle lock key. Access to the electronic key box is via an RFID customer card or online as part of the mobility software. This software package consists of WEB portals and mobile applications.

The Wallbox is suitable for installation in underground garages or under carports. The robust metal housing with "Start/Stop" piezo button is designed for public and private use. The piCAN wallbox is pre-wired and ready for connection and is immediately ready for operation after commissioning by an electrician.


  • CAN interface for checking and analyzing the vehicle bus data


  • https://obalu.eu/

What is special?

  • incl. App
  • made in Germany

Technical data


Charging Voltage

18V-56V (DC)

Charging Current

max. 10A

Power Supply

230V, max. 2,5A, 50Hz

Charging Type

CCCV, Trickle Charge

Battery Type

Lithium ion and lead-acid batteries

Locker Size

140mm x 87mm x 89mm ( W x H x D)


Stainless steel sheet, powder-coated, traffic white RAL9010

(painting in different RAL colors possible) 348mm x 393mm x 165mm (WxHxD)

Protection Class

IP31 (assembled)


ca. 10kg

Temperature Range

-10°C to +70°C

Further Explanation

piCAN-Wallbox Premium

Item number: 911130016

with locker, RFID access system and OLED display


piCAN-Wallbox Basic+

Item number: 911130020

with locker, RFID access system without display


piCAN-Wallbox Basic

Item number: 91180008

without Schließfach, without RFID-Zugangssystem and without Display

More Properties


1 x power cord (1.50m)

1 x EnergyBus incl. 12V AUX output (2m)

1 x CAN bus (depending on model)

1 x Ethernet cable (RJ45, 5m) (depending on model)

2 x buttons (depending on model)

Status Information

2 x Status LED

Piezo Buzzer

short-range radio

  • WLAN


  • Ethernet
  • CAN/CANopen
  • EnergyBus
  • RFID (NFC)
  • LED-Signal
  • Display Interface

Operating System

  • proprietary software

Areas of application

  • remote diagnoses
  • Sharing


  • display
  • Operation
  • Identification
  • charger
  • RFID reader
  • keyless access

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