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piCAN-IBS Energybus Charger

5-fold Charging Multiplexer

Charging line switch / multiplexer for charging up to 5 vehicles / LEVs with just one charger

Configurable multiplexer module with EnergyBus / CAN for simultaneous charging of up to 5 batteries


The piCAN-IBS (Intelligent Battery Switch) is a multiplexer module for chargers. It enables the simultaneous charging of up to 5 LEVs with just one charger.

The outputs and inputs for external LEDs, buttons, door openers and acoustic signaling devices support the integration of the charging multiplexer in wall boxes and operation with the chargers of the piCAN Charger series.
The module enables intelligent detection and selection of the charging sequence of the e-bikes or pedelecs as well as the automatic scan of all charging lines for bikes through 2 CAN bus channels. The piCAN-IBS supports data exchange with higher-level control units via a separate CAN bus, which enables easy integration of the solution into fleet management systems.

Technical data


Power Supply

36-59VDC/ max. 10A from charger

12V 500mA

Charching Type


Trickle Charge


Lithium Ion



Interner Piezo buzzer

Temperature range

-10°C to +60°C


DIN rail, grey/ white, IP20

211,8mm x 95mm x 58mm



1 x interneal CAN-Bus, galvanically isolated


5 x EnergyBus incl. 12V Aux-Output, galvanically isolated

More Connections

2 x electronic door opener or/and

2 x 12V-LED (Bidirectional LED support)

1 x Button

1 x External Piezo Buzzer


  • CAN/CANopen
  • EnergyBus
  • GPIOs
  • LED-Signal

Areas of application

Expansion module for the series piCAN-Charger and piCAN-Wallbox


  • charger

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