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Mobility Solution obALu

Fleet software for bicycles, e-bikes, scooters, scooters or car sharing and stations including apps and billing modules

Mobility solution including sharing portal for devices, vehicles and stations including Android and iOS app

System solutions:


The obALu solution enables station-bound and free-floating sharing solutions to be set up quickly. The web-based fleet software acts as a comprehensive fleet management, customer management and billing system. It is multi-client capable and future-proof as well as expandable for cities, municipalities and companies. The obALu sharing platform allows the integration of a wide variety of vehicles (e.g. bikes, scooters, cars, cargo bikes) into the sharing system. A clear front-end structure gives administrators an overview of current and future bookings. Users can change settings independently and analyze customer activities in real time.

With the obALu app for iOS or Android, smart locks and access systems can be opened without a key. A customer-specific adaptation and extension to your locks and locking systems is also possible after consultation.

In addition to booking and renting individual vehicles, the app also offers locker management. Garages, bike ports or lockers can be booked and opened at the push of a button. Fleet and customer management as well as billing modules are functionally implemented.

The modular software has open REST API interfaces, intuitive user guidance and is easy to use. As a flexible and secure system, it enables future expansion and integration of other products. Free iOS and Android app is available to users of the sharing solution. These ensure smooth access to the system, provide you with real-time information and enable the localization, rental and return of vehicles.

What is special?

  • incl. App
  • multifunctional
  • made in Germany
  • customer-specific adjustment possible

Technical data

The system consists of a background system and a native app for Android and iOS.



Operating System

  • proprietary software

Areas of application

  • remote diagnoses
  • geofence
  • localization
  • OTA Update
  • monitoring
  • Sharing

Solution for sharing anything like vehicles or infrastructure.


  • Operation
  • GPS tracking
  • station access
  • keyless access
  • Track log
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