The „GSM-Switch-Rail“ switching module allows location-independent configuration of up to three 0V-230V load circuits via the internet portal "pironex netControl" or by mobile phone via SMS commands. Alternatively, the switching times can be programmed using the provided Windows software.

S0 and a RS485 interfaces enable the integration of external active current measuring devices, so e.g. photovoltaic systems can be controlled. In addition, a SPI interface and two TTL IO's can be easily programmed.

Possible applications include restart of control systems, heating control or fans control.

Backend control pironex netControl 



Technical Specifications

  • Description: Remote 230V Socket Controller
  • Product Group: piPower
  • Product Name: GSM-Switch-Rail
  • Processor: 32-Bit, ARM9 Microcoprozessor
  • On  Board Peripheries: Relay Contact 16A/230; digital temperatur sensor; CAN-BUS, RTC
  • Power Supply: AC 230V
  • Temperature Range: -10°C - 70°C
  • External Connector: 230V Socket; S0, RS485, 3 * Relais Contacts
  • Board Size: 59mm x 98mm
  • Enclosure: DIN Rail OKW
  • Software: embedded  Software; Internet Backend control pironex netControl
  • Antenna: Internal or external Antenna


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