Custom Product Development

Product development for companies

Circuit Board Design

The pironex development team supports customers, e.g. from the industrial sector, in the realization of innovative development projects. In close consultation with the circuit diagram developers, the engineers implement PCB layouts according to customer specifications. Here, the hardware developers design different assemblies with specific requirements for the layer structure with the PCB design software Altium Designer.

Example Layouts for Power Modules / Power Supplies / Chargers:

  • Printed circuit boards in thick copper technology
  • High current application
  • Thermally optimized layout
  • Power drivers for engines
Board layout
Board layout

Layouts for control parts:

  • Multilayer circuit board routing up to 8 layers
  • Flex circuit boards
  • PCB sizes up to 210 x 445 mm
  • Number of components: up to 4650
  • Test points for automatic commissioning
  • EMC compliant layout of multiple buck switching regulators
  • Digital inputs/outputs, 3 microcontroller system, CAN bus, analog current and voltage measurement
PCB Layout
PCB Layout

Development of Assemblies

Complete assemblies from the conception to the prototype, including embedded software, are also realized.

Special features of the multicontroller control:

  • Two redundant microcontrollers and one microprocessor
  • DC-bus
  • Automotive Ethernet
  • Galvanically isolated CAN-bus


Pironex supports software developers and production by developing and supplying customer-specific adapters in small quantities. The adapter boards are used to connect programming adapters to the customer-specific connectors on the customer assembly.

Development of assemblies
Development of assemblies

Customization of our Gateways

The adaptation of gateways to the applications of our customers is one of our strengths. In this case, an offline CAN bus data logger was implemented. For this purpose, our gateway was equipped with a customer-specific connection cable and a mounting plate was adapted to the customer's installation situation. The embedded software has also been expanded to include customer-specific functions.

Key features of the data logger:

  • Customized connection cable
  • Waterproof plastic case with aluminum mounting plate
  • Mounting plate with custom mounting holes
  • Storage of the measurement data on a micro SD card
  • Configuration and firmware update via WLAN
  • CAN bus data rate up to 1 Mbit/s with configurable filters
  • PC software for converting and exporting the measured values