Bike computer for rental systems

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Item number: 911130038
Board computer / HMI with e-paper display and EnergyBus / CAN / LIN interfaces for bike sharing systems.




The HMI with the e-paper is an innovation. Directly at the wheel occurs on the graphical display the dialog with the user. Interesting informations are displayed on the display, if the vehicle is in the waiting mode.
Also in the night and even with direct sunlight always perfect readable. Without energy consumption.
The on-board computer has an RFID-Lesegerät, GPS-Ortungssystem, GPRS data transmission to the operator portal, data interfaces to the bike bus and Bluetooth Low Energy. Fulfilled requirements, in order to integrate available bicycles on the maret easily and cost-effectively into rental systems.






Power supply

via dynamo

or 6 - 60 V DC


Internal rechargeable battery

Sensors / Others

Motion sensor with compass, brightness sensor, Real-time clock,

temperature monitoring, direct control of the piBike lock

Connection sockets

1 x supply voltage / bicycle interface

1 x supply management for piBike-Lock


User interfaces

illuminated E-Paper display

RFID reader (13,56 MHz),

4 buttons

LEDs (4 x keyfeedback, 2 Indicators)


Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy

Radio interfaces

GPS tracking system (GPS + Glonass)

Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0

GPRS broadcasting

Low Power RF transmission modul (868MHz)


supports CAN / CANopen


EnergyBus 2.0, CANopen / EnergyBus standard CiA 454


EnergyBus 2.0, CANopen / EnergyBus standard CiA 454


Mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Management Software for Rental Systems www.pironex-portal.de








See also

See also


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