The piCAN-Charge-Controller allows charging of electric vehicles in the charging mode 2 and 3 according to the IEC standard.
It controls and monitors the switching device and the connector lock, communicates with the electric vehicle and identifies the charging cable. The charge controller provides so a maximum of safety level during the charging process.




  • Charging Stations Mode 2/3
  • Wallbox Charging Systems

Technical Specifications

  • Processor: 32 bit Mikrocontroller with CAN
  • Power Supply: DC 14V - 55V
  • Temperature Range: -25 - +85°C
  • LED-Outputs: 2x Open Drain output for LEDs
  • Inputs: 2x12V input signal for push-button
  • Enclosure: Polycarbonat UL94V-0, for DIN rail
  • Certificate: CE
  • Software: embedded Mikrocontroller Software with CAN

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