The piCAN-Bike-Adapter is a small microcontroller module that allows the connection of EnergyBus not
compatible batteries into an EnergyBus system. Thanks to the integrated EUI-48 EEPROM, the adapter has an
unique ID and is therefore clearly recognizable.
The specific characteristics of the loaded unit (maximum charge current, charge voltage, battery type, etc.)
can be programmed directly into the adapter. The adapter supports the EnergyBus / 454 CANOpen standard,
so the connection into an EnergyBus system is possible.




  • Integration von Pedelecs in Verleihsysteme
  • Manufactore Adapter für Batterien ohne EnergyBus-Schnittstelle
  • Seriennummer (Unique ID) für Akkumulatoren
  • Zykluszähler für Batterien

Technical Specifications

  • Description: ein EnergyBus fähiges Input/Output Modul
  • Product Group: E-Mobilität
  • Product Name: piCAN-Bike-Adapter (Manufactore Adaptor)
  • Processor: 16 bit Mikrocontroller with CAN
  • Power Supply: 12V ± 5% via CAN-Bus, 12V AUX
  • Temperature Range: -10-70°C
  • External Connector: Rosenberger uncodiert
  • Enclosure: 60/65/35 mm
  • Software: embedded Mikrocontroller Software
  • Miscellaneous: Status-LEDs, Serial EEPROM mit EUI-48 Node Identity

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