piA-AM335x-SK (Starter-Kit)


piA-AM335x-SK is a starter kit for the development of embedded systems and mobile devices. It contains all
the necessary hardware and software functions for the commissioning of piA-AM335x processor module.
piA-AM335x processor module can be atteched to this base board via two 100-pin connectors.
This starter kit supports standard interfaces such as Ethernet 10/100 Mbit, USB and CAN bus. Via an expansion connector, 44 processor signals are directly accessible from the outside.
This base board provides a low-cost and flexible introduction to the development of Linux-based devices.    
For larger quantities it can be modified to customer specifications.




■     Industrial    Automotion    
■            Medical    Technology
■     Data    logger
■     Industrial    process    and    control

Technical Specifications

  • Description: IPC, StarterKit
  • Product Name: piA-AM335x-SK
  • External Connector: 2*100 Pin Connector; 10/100 Mbps Ethernet; 1 * CAN; 2 * USB Ports ; 1 * µSD-Card Slot 
  • Board Size: 67mm x 57mm
  • Enclosure: none
  • Software: Ångström Linux with kernel 2.6.37 and 3.2.x  OE-Kit; Open-Source SDK with board-specific libraries





  • Cross Compiler SDK

    Linux C/C++ Cross Compiler (ARMv7-hf) und Systembibliotheken sowie QTembedded Entwicklungstools für alle piA-AM335x-PM basierten Systeme.

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