The piCAN-Station is an EnergyBus-compatible input/output module, which can switch connected
devices (for example electronic door openers)and/or read signals. External sensors can be connected to
the12V inputs.
Via the CAN-Bus the piCAN-Station is supplied with12V power and can be integrated into a CAN-Bus system.
The necessary configuration of the CAN-Node-ID is carried out via hexencoding switch. Through its integrated
CANOpen stack this device is fully EnergyBus-compatible.
The freely programmable microcontroller and an integrated EEPROM enable the programming according to
the future use and customer requirements.




  • Control of Bike Boxes via EnergyBus
  • CAN-IO interface for device control
  • CANopen IO Expander
  • Stationary control electronics

Technical Specifications

  • Description: EnergyBus-compatible input/output module
  • Product Group: E-Mobility
  • Product Name: piCAN-Station
  • Processor: 16 bit Mikrocontroller with CAN
  • Power Supply: 12V ± 5% via CAN-Bus
  • Temperature Range: 0-85°C
  • External Connector: 2 x DSUB-9 CAN In/Out with Power, 6x 6pin IO-Connectors
  • Enclosure: 131/110/38 mm
  • Software: embedded Mikrocontroller Software with CAN/EB/CAN-Open
  • Miscellaneous: Buzzer, Status-LEDs, Hex-Schalter für CAN-ID, 2 KBit EEPROM

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