An intelligent EnergyBus Charger  with a charge voltage between 14.4 and 56 volts and a maximum charge current of 10 amps in a compact, fanless enclosure.

The compact, fanless design enables the use of the charger in a rough environment, e.g. in private or public e-bikes and pedelecs charging and rental systems.





Charger for:
  • EnergyBus e-bikes and pedelecs
  • EnergyBus public pedelecs and e-bikes rental systems
  • EnergyBus battery systems

Technical Specifications

  • Description: Universal EnergyBus-Charger
  • Category: piCAN
  • Product name: piCAN-EB-Charger
  • Charge Voltage: DC 14,4-56V
  • Charge Current: 0-10A
  • Charge Method: CCCV, Trickle Charge 
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion or lead-acid battery
  • Interfaces: Power input/output, EnergyBus incl. 12V Aux-Output,CAN-/ LIN-/ I2C-Bus,1x Electric door opener with Monitoring Contact,1x 12V-LED1x Push-button
  • Serviceinterface: Optional USB
  • Enclosure:  aluminium, black  
  • Size: L124/W143/H80 mm  
  • Weight: 920g
  • Temperature Range: -10 - 70°C

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