The piAx-AM3517 is a single board computer based on ARM®'s Cortex™ A8 with integrated POWER VR SGX™ graphics acceleration. For the visualization, the piAx-AM3517 has appropriate interfaces to connect, for example, an LCD display or camera module.
If required, the system's functionality can be extended individually by various extension cards (WLAN, Bluetooth or RFID).
As a powerful and power-efficient OMAP single board computer, tah piAx-AM3517 is suitable for stationary and mobile communications and control tasks.
Due to its small size it is the ideal solution, when there is not enough space for a full-sized PC system.




  • dynamischer Datenlogger
  • Signalinterface (CAN, RS485, RS232, Ethernet etc.)
  • mobile Messtechnik
  • Ereignis-Logger
  • Master Unit
  • Elektrotankstellen, Ladestation, Stromtankstellen
  • Industrielle Steuerungen
  • Medizinischer Messverstärker
  • GSM/UMTS Gateway
  • MCU Steuerungen / Applikationen
  • Backendsteuerung pironex netControl
  • CAN Open mit CanFestival

Technical Specifications

  • Description: Multimedia Universal Industrial Embedded Computer (piSystem)
  • Product Group: piSystem
  • Product Name: piAx-AM3517 IPC
  • Product Reverence:TI Crane-Kit, Cranboard AM3517
  • Processor: AM3517/05 ARM® Cortex™-A8 ARMv7 microprocessor with speeds up to 600 MHz
  • On Board Peripheries: DVI-D Interface (HDMI, 720p); DDR2 SDRAM 1GBit Micron Technologies; NAND Flash 2GBit Micron Technologies; 10/100 Ethernet Controller; TUSB1210 USB 2.0; Micro SD Card; RS232/RS485 Serial Interface; CAN Bus Interface; GSM/GPRS Module on board (option); RTC; Watchdog Timer; RS232 Debug Interface; 3G Motion Sensor; Digital Temperature Sensor; Flexible IO-Interface
  • Power Supply: DC 10-24V, 2A max
  • Temperature Range: -10°C - 70°C
  • External Connector: DVI-D Interface (HDMI, 720p); Power Connector 4-pol; Can Connector 4-pol; UART Connector 4-pol; GPIO Interface 4-pol; USB MICRO AB; µSD-Card Socket Push-Push Reverse Type with Switch; RJ45 CONN 8-8 Ethernet
  • Internal Connector: Expansion Interface - 2* 40pol Expansion Board Interface; Display Interface - flexible LCD or OLED Display Interface; JTAG Debug and Programming
  • Board Size: 130mm x 70mm
  • Board Weight: 65g
  • Enclosure: Bopla modular component housing
  • Certifications: CE
  • Software: Ångström Linux with kernel 2.6.37 based on Craneboard OE-Kit; Open-Source SDK with board-specific libraries
  • Miscellaneous: WLAN,BT and RFID Expansion Board, Narrowband PLC Interface, Analog Amplifier Interface, IO-Interface Expansion Board, etc.











  • Linux Cross Compile Toolchain

    Cross compile SDK for Intel 32 Bit Linux based on the piA-AM3505/piAx-AM3517 Ångström System Images, including support for QTembedded and various system libraries.

Software Sources

  • Linux Kernel (git)

    GIT Repository with Linux Kernel Sources including modifications for piA-AM3505 and piAx-AM3517 based on TI OMAP PSP kernel version 2.6.37

  • U-Boot (git)

    GIT Repository with U-Boot Sources including modifications for piA-AM3505 and piAx-AM3517

  • X-Loader (git)

    GIT Repository with X-Loader Sources including modifications for piA-AM3505 and piAx-AM3517



  • pia-utils

    Utilities for piA-AM3505 and piAx-AM3517. Contains Linux Kernel default configuration, boot script generator and SD card formatting tool.

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