The expansion card "piA-Amplifier" enables the use of IPCs piA-AM3505/-17 and piAx-AM3517 as a measuring amplifier. The 8- channel AD converter enables parallel data acquisition of analog signals up to 100ksps per channel, wherein the integrated DA converter can simultaneously produce four analog signals up to 100ksps. Alternatively, the 4 channels of the DA converter can be used as a PWM driver. Additional connectors allow you to connect a custom analog front-end board. Thus, the input and output signals can be matched to the respective measurement task.




- Laboratory Testing Equipment
- research projects

Technical Specifications

Description: Expansion Card
Product group: IPC industrial computer
Product Name: piA-Amplifier
AD converter: 8 channels, 16-bit, ± 5V range, sampling rate of up to 1x1MSps 8x100kSpsIntegrierterLow-pass cutoff frequency = 50kHz
DA converter: 4 channels, 12bit; max. 100ksps per channel; analog output stage
Microcontrollers: 32bit RISC with up to 120MHz clock frequency; ARM Cortex-M3 core computing
Memory: 64Mbit SDRAM
Power supply: 5 VDC via baseboard
Dimensions: 114mm x 72mm



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