The product "PV-Switch-5C" is a free configurable microcontroller switching unit with S0 and RS485/RS232 interfaces.

For the effective use of photovoltaic systems, the self-consumption of generated energy needs to be controlled. The automatic power switch PV-Switch-5C can control the flow of energy automatically, so it is possible to use the generated energy for private consumption or to feed the generated power into the public grid.

The device is internally powered by 230VAC or external by DC 6V. The 230V power is measured by an external wattmeter with an S0 or RS485 interface.




- for self-consumption increase of photovoltaic systems
- for self-consumption increase of CHP plants 
- Scheduling needs circuit of PV systems

Technical Specifications

  • Description: Remote 230V Socket Controller
  • Product Group: piPower
  • Product Name: PV-Switch-5C
  • Processor: 16-Bit Microcoprozessor
  • On  Board Peripheries: Relay Contact 16A/230; digital temperatur sensor; USB
  • Power Supply: AC 230V
  • Temperature Range: -10°C - 70°C
  • External Connector: 230V Socket; S0, RS485, 5 * Relais Contacts
  • Enclosure: DIN Rail CH20M45 - with 45 mm
  • Software: embedded Software; PC Windows or Linux Configuration Software

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