Our products - Your solution

Our company develops customized electronics and software, according to customer requirements. Pironex supplies OEM-Partners and develops "ready for use" electronic solutions. These are modular single-board computers and M2M solutions. We also make adjustments in terms of functionality and housing integration.

tl_files/pironex/img/products/IPC.jpg IPC Industrial Embedded PC (IPC Cortex Linux)
tl_files/pironex/img/products/E-Bike.jpg E-Mobility (CAN / CANOpen Tools)
tl_files/pironex/img/products/Datalogger.png Data Logger
 tl_files/pironex/img/products/Solar.jpg Energy Management
 tl_files/pironex/img/products/M2M.jpg M2M Solutions (Remote Controllers)
 tl_files/pironex/img/products/Tracking.jpg Tracking Systems