High quality PCB Layout - PCB specialist

Pironex implemented customer-specific printed circuit board layouts.

We are listed as qualified service partner of Altium Designer.


You provide us with:

  • Schematic as drawing or in digital form
  • mechanical specifications (dimensions, cutouts, etc.)
  • Budget and quality requirements

We work through all the necessary design steps for you:

  • Creation of required components libraries
  • Drawing of the electronic circuit parts including VHDL components
  • Integration of FPGA and CPLD devices
  • analog and digital simulation of the electronic circuit
  • Implementation of the Mechanical CAD pretended
  • impedance calculation
  • Unbundling (routing) of the multilayer printed circuit board
  • Organization of PCB production
  • Components procurement and assembly

We provide you with:

  • detailed documentation
  • Libraries (SCH, PCB Footprints) 
  • EMC compliant layout as Altium Designer PCB file 
  • Gerber data, drilling data, assembly data 
  • on request produced printed circuit boards 
  • hand-assembled prototype series as needed 
  • machine tipped series boards
EMV gerechtes Leiterplattenlayout PCB