Customized electronic- and system development

A selection of user-specific hardware development illustrates the flexibility and versatility of the engineering services done through the pironex company.

The solution range of pironex contains hardware for industrial applications, the automotive sector, medical technology and the consumers sector.

You need a customized solution? You may rely on our best efforts.

embedded System OMAP - multimedia IPC

embedded System OMAP - multimedia IPC
  • multimedia capable industrial computer
  • Processor DM3730 ARM® Cortex™-A8 1GHz 
  • power supply 5V
  • 64MByte LPDDR, 64MByte NAND Flash
  • Interfaces: RS232, RS485, Ethernet, DVI, USB etc
  • Extension cards for further IO-interfaces, ADU-, RFID, GSM, Powerline etc. available
  • Linux Kernel 2.6 Distribution Ångström
  • Customized adaption on demand

embedded System - IPC PiA

embedded System - IPC PiA
  • Industrial computer in a DIN Rail enclosure
  • Processor AM3517/05 ARM® Cortex™-A8 600MHz 
  • Power supply 7..24V
  • 32MByte LPDDR, 64MByte NAND Flash
  • Industrial interfaces: RS232, RS485, CAN, Ethernet etc.
  • Extension cards for further IO-interfaces, ADU-, RFID, GSM, Powerline etc. available
  • Linux Kernel 2.6 
  • Customized adaption on demand

Mobile terminal device cellphone

Mobiles Endgerät Telefon
  • GSM terminal device on the base of the Wavecom WMP100
  • ARM946E-S 32 bit processor with 64KB SCRAM, 104 MHz
  • OLED Display
  • Keypad 25 Keys
  • Bluetooth Interface
  • USB high speed data interface
  • digital audio interface (PCM)

Medical measurement amplifier

Medizinischer Messverstärker
  • Parallel DSP interface
  • 4 stepped compensation network
  • Effective range 1pA/V…100mA/V
  • Automated offset correction
  • By potentiometers connectable noise voltage compensation
  • Trans impedance – pre amplifier with small inlet bias current
  • 8 core low-pass Besselfilter for noise reduction
  • Open CPLD – flexibility
  • Software support pironex API

Optical 3D – sensor interface Xilinx FPGA Virtex

Optisches 3D-Sensorinterface Xilinx FPGA VIRTEX
  • Sensor TOF
  • High speed USB 2.0
  • Ethernet 
  • DSP TCM-BF537 Interface 
  • Infrared laser control
  • 12 bit AD-converter
  • Bias reference creation
  • Open FPGA structure
  • Operating temperature -20°C - +70°C

Light curtain

  • Use as optical light curtain in machines
  • Emitter : beam angle 3% , emission wave length 850nm
  • Receiver : photo transistors 
  • SPS interface
  • High functional reliability
  • Various scaling

Video button interface

Videotasteninterface Entwicklung
  • Selection interface OLED button ISC15ANP4
  • Flexible PIC32 microchip design
  • Rotary encoder, joystick and thumbwheel interfaces
  • Ethernet controller ENC624J60016Bit parallel interface
  • Power supply over USB or from extern
  • LINUX Driver Interface
  • Frame rate 12 frames / sec. at an array of 4*3 buttons

NiMh battery charger with engine selection

NiMh Akku-Charger mit Motoransteuerung
  • 16 bit controller design
  • DC-Motor Interface
  • Charging controller provides a maximum current of 1.8A in 4 cell action
  • Upgraded temperature management 
  • Very low power

GSM based 230V account system

  • Base Q2687 Sierra Wireless Quadband
  • 1*1,8V/3V SIM Card Interface
  • Fujitsu micro controller 16FX
  • ISO RFID signal
  • 2* 16A switching contact
  • 2* AC power measurement
  • IIC Expander
  • S0 Interface
  • Operating temperature -20°C - +70°C

Industrial CAN-Open interface card with RFID and IO-interface

Industrielle CAN-Open Schnittstellekarte mit RFID und IO-Interface
  • CanOpen Slave Device
  • Galvanic separated CAN bus
  • RFID interface (extern SMB-antenna connector, ISO15693 and ISO14443A, 13,56 MHz)
  • TTL-, Analog-, UART-Interface
  • On board temperature measurement
  • DIN rail design
  • Operating temperature -20°C - +70°C

CAN-Open Slave Device 230V

CAN-Open Slave Device 230V
  • CAN Open Slave Device
  • Galvanic separated CAN bus
  • PLC IT700 Yitran 
  • Integrated energy measurement 230V
  • S0 Interface
  • RS485 interface
  • Pilot control electric circuit
  • Operating temperature -20°C - +70°C

Dual stepper motor control

Duale Schrittmotor Ansteuerung
  • CAN Interface
  • RS485
  • Dual stepper motor control Trinamic 2A
  • Rotary encoder evaluation
  • Flexible programming

Battery management lithium polymer accumulators

Batteriemanagement Lithium Polymer Akkus
  • BMS battery management, state of charge analysis SoC
  • 20A high side control
  • Indication interface (maximum 32 LED’s)
  • 1 watt high power LED
  • Audiointerface
  • 32bit microcontroller PIC
  • USB OTG interface (downstream charging port)
  • IT700 PLC Interface 
  • Modular DIN rail enclosure

ViLAN - long range video surveillance system

ViLAN - Videofernüberwachungssystem
  • Long distance video transmission
  • PAL/NTSC decoder - digitalising with full resolution
  • Time controlled video recording or observation
  • The control of lamps and flaps by IP relays
  • IP- measuring device (temperature, light, streaming for example) 
  • Software modules: object counting or object analysis
  • Open system suitable for:
    • Air observation (birds f.e.)
    • Ground observation (animal habit-survey f.e.)
    • Underwater observation (fish farms f.e.)

ViTrack - Software for behavioural

  • Open video input interface
  • Event recognition for any object 
  • Categorization of observed data
  • Tracking software with static analysis 
  • Ethernet measure interface for measurements at the experimental setup

ViPi - Video Image Processor - modular software for digital imaging

  • Extensive image processing and moving image analysis
  • Supports frame grabber (analog/digital), FireWire, USB- and Network cameras
  • Huge BV library, video codec and direct support
  • Easy integration in your applications
  • No runtime licences
  • Software support pironex API