customer specific software development

All software products of the pironex company are updated and completed continually. Based on our stock solutions, we develop extra- and special solutions for you. We acquire independent and system overarching embedded and pc-software. Our experience in the development of customized hardware is flowing directly in a quick and efficient software development. The combined hard- and attaching software development is lived praxis at the pironex company.

You need a client specific solution? Don't mind to ask us.

Embedded software development

Embedded Software Entwicklung - Mikrocontrollerprogrammierung
  • C and ASM programming
  • Realtime OS: RTOS
  • Programming of various extern interfaces
  • Micro controller know how:
    • Microchip PIC (8, 16, 32 bit series)
    • Renesas (8, 16 bit series)
    • MSP Texas (16 bit series)
    • AVR (8, 16 bit series)
    • Fujitsu (8, 16, 32 bit series)

Embedded software development - Linux

Embedded Software Entwicklung - Linux
  • Extensive know how in the implementation of different Linux distributions for embedded systems
  • Hardware independent conversion of your Linux distribution
  • Wide libraries for adaptive picture- and measured value processing
  • Easy integration in your application
  • Proved hardware platforms:
    • Renesas SuperH 
    • Texas OMAP series
    • Coldfire processors
    • Marvell application processor

PC based software development - Windows

PC basierte Softwareentwicklung - Windows
  • For example software for video transmission on long distances (Ethernet / WLAN)
  • Measurement software for medical technology
  • Time-critical data capture routines
  • QT Trolltech implementation
  • IP-measurement devices
  • Software modules: object counting, object assessment and more
  • Programming languages:
    • Microsoft Visual C, C++, C#, Java
    • Borland Delphi Pascal
    • Assembler 
    • Perl

PC based software development- LINUX

PC basierte Softwareentwicklung - LINUX
  • Extensive image processing and motioned picture analysis
  • Driver development (USB, Ethernet, graphic)
  • Programming of interfaces
  • Hardware independent development
  • Implementation of complex integrations on your application
  • No runtime licenses
  • Open Linux systems suitable for:
    • Linux Kernel up to 2.6
    • All current Linux distributions