Customer specific hardware development

Our company is specialised in the development of hardware for PC and embedded industrial systems. We’ve acquired the necessary know-how in own development activity over many years. Together with you, we’ll find the solutions, which are customized to your individual needs regarding functionality and performance. We’ll take on development tasks completely, but we’d also love to work on partial tasks in the enviroment of larger projects. We reveal the results of the performed work for you without compromise.

Speak with us, our qualified engineers are looking forward to your request!

General electronics

  • Digital and analogue circuit draft
  • PCB-Multilayer-Design
  • Redesign of your existing products 
  • Test and verification

Digital electronics

  • Digital circuit technology for electrical plates with PC and standard industry interfaces (USB,CAN, ISA, PCI, PCIe,
  • MiniPCI, PCMCIA,CardBus) 
  • Reading and control maps (e.g. measured value admission, engine control) 
  • Digital signal processing (processing control) 
  • Microcontroller (TI, PIC, ARM) 
  • Processors and periphery

Programmable logics

  • Integration of FPGA- and CPLD-components of various manufacturers (Xilinx, Altera, Lattice)
  • Core-development in FPGA-schematic, Abel and VHDL 
  • VHDL-Core-development of serial and parallel PC-Interfaces, as well as DSP-functions (ISA-, PCI-, PCIe-, MiniPCI-, PCMCIA and CardBus-Cores)

Analogue electronics

  • Signal conditioning
  • Filter, Processors and Periphery 
  • Analogue signal processing 
  • Data acquisition