Electronics and Systems

The product range of pironex compiles hardware for image processing, measuring and control electronics, as well as software for the moving picture processing and analyses. As a young company, Pironex will introduce their new OEM-products within the next months.

Furthermore, the company pironex develops, produces and distributes electronic and software solutions from one hand at the location Rostock.

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Universal Measure and Controll Card's

Steuern und Messen- analoge und digitale Elektronik
  • Measurement amplifiers
  • CAN-BUS Interface
  • Stepper Motor Controler
  • DSP Interfaces
  • FPGA-Design
  • Bluetooth Interface
  • USB high speed data interface
  • Displayinterface
  • Industrial CAN-Bus-Interface
  • Software support pironexAPI

Customized PC electronics development

Bildverarbeitung - Framegrabber und Kameras
  • Combined, universal PAL/NTSC and CameraLink-Frame Grabber (USB, PCI, PCIe)
  • 16 Digital TTL-IO 
  • Analogue-digital-converter 32 inputs, 1.25 MS/s, 10 bit 
  • 2 32-bit, 80 MHz Counter / Timer
  • 4 galvanic separated inputs
  • 4 galvanic separated outputs
  • Industrial CAN-Bus-Interface
  • Open FPGA-flexibility
  • software support pironexAPI

Software and hardware development for mobile devices

Industrielösungen - für leistungsstarke Mess- und Steuerungssysteme
  • Industrial-PC solution
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Supports frame grabber, FireWire-, USB- and network cameras
  • Low power concept 
  • Shockproof and vibration proof 
  • Celluare Phone Applications
  • Task adapted system performance