Embedded Linux and Windows desktop solutions

The software development of pironex GmbH is closely connected to the analog and digital electronics development. We develop custom software, OEM software packages but also product-specific software.

IPC Cortex A8 Linux developments - single board computer


  • Android Application Development
  • Multimedia Single Board piAx-AM3517 
  • HD video monitor support



  • QT application development 
  • Multimedia Single Board piAx-AM3359 
  • Linux driver development

analoger Datenlogger piA-AM3505

  • analog data acquisition 
  • ADC and DAC converters IPC piA-AM3517 
  • Linux-based real-time kernel

CAN Datenlogger

  • QT application CAN data logger
  • Long-term storage and visualization
  • flexible configuration message management

     Customization on request!




Interface between electronics and user

PC or server-based application software on the basis of system-specific electronics. Available interfaces to distributed sensors and actuators, based on flexible and adaptable communication protocols.

Station Management - Software for charging infrastructure


  • Management of charging stations for e-bikes, e-LEVs and Cars
  • Customer interfaces
  • Operator interface
  • Transparent cost structure
  • Customization on request!

GPS Location Viewer - Vehicle or Personnel Tracking

GPS Location Viewer
  • Continuous GPS data tracking
  • Fastrax GPS sensor
  • Wavecom Q2687 GSM device (24MHz-107Mhz)
  • Power supply 12-24; 3.6V LiPo battery backup
  • Customization on request!

netControls - remote control and data acquisition! netControls - smarte Gerätefernsteuerung und Messdatenerfassung! (Kopie)

  • Free netControls Portal
  • Control of 230V sockets
  • Control and monitoring of industrial plants on OMAP IPC's
  • M2M interface
  • Remote maintenance solution
  • IPC UMTS router solution
  • Narrowband intranet system solution
  • Remote Data Acquisition


Windows desktop applications

Windows Software Development of pironex GmbH comprises desktop solutions, as well as drivers and interface software.

PV-Switch PC Software

  • Windows QT application control of own consumption
  • Long-term storage of consumption data
  • Configuration via the USB interface

GSM Switch Configurator

  • QT application CAN data logger
  • Long-term storage and visualization
  • flexible configuration message management