Intelligent data logger for precise acquisition of measurement data

The data loggers by pironex GmbH are designed for precise detection and storage of the measured data. Our loggers fulfill all requirements - from data collection, via the configurable storage, data reduction, to the transmission of data to higher-level systems.


EB-compatible data logger for recording and evaluating of the CAN Bus data.

Price:on demand

Delivery: 5-7 Days


CAN data logger

The piA-Data-Recorder is a single board comupter based on the ARM® Cortex ™ A8 32- bit RISC architecture.

Price:on demand

Delivery: 2-3 Weeks


ARM Universal Industrial Embedded Computer (IPC)

Fanless Omap AM3517 Cortex A8 Singelboard multimedia computer with HD Video Interface

Price:on demand

Delivery: immediately


Software package CAN data logger

QT data acquisition software package: collection, validation and storage of CAN data

Price:on demand

Delivery: immediately


Flexibles Gateway für mobile und stationäre Anwendungen. Das Gerät ist einsetzbar als Dateninterface, Datenlogger oder für die Verwaltung konfigurierbarer Geräte oder Fahrzeuge.

Price:on demand

Delivery: on demand